NYE Glam Pajama Jam + A Traditional Southern Dinner Tutorial

Come see all of the fun my girls & I had at my NYE Glam Pajama Jam, and how I cook my traditional New Years Eve dinner. Yup, I filmed thee whole meal.

All Black Women-Owned Everything Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift guide featuring products from black women-owned businesses. Almost everything is under $25 so you won’t break the bank.

Break Your Personal Glass Ceiling With Lifestyle Resolutions

Ditch New Year’s Resolutions for Lifestyle Resolutions as a baby step toward breaking your personal glass ceiling.

How To Create A Stylish Christmas Tree Without Breaking The Bank

The right accessories makes everything look better. Including a bald headed tree. Here’s how I created a Stylish Christmas Tree on a budget.

How I’m Giving Back This Holiday Season & How You Can Give Back Too

We must think about the less fortunate this holiday season and give back to our communities however we can. Here’s how I’m giving back & how you can too.

Friendsgiving Karaoke

My Friendsgiving Karaoke was legit lit. Here’s a recap of the night’s fun along with a discussion on why time with friends is important.

Make The Most Of Your Space In A Small Kitchen

Tips on how to make the most of your space in a small kitchen right on time for holiday cooking, along with a photo tour of my own.

Do Your Holiday Grocery Shopping Online To Save Time {& Your Sanity}

I do the majority of my grocery shopping online to save time & my sanity. Especially during the holiday season. Keep reading to see where.

DIY Brazilian Sugaring + How To Maintain Your Vajayjay After

Remove the hair from your lady bits in the comfort of your own home with an all natural Brazilian Sugaring treatment.