My Minimalist Chic Brooklyn NYC Apartment Tour

I finally have my space looking how I want it to look. So I’m giving y’all a peek inside. Welcome to my Brooklyn NYC Apartment Tour…

The Home Decor Updates That I Did During Quarantine

While spending a whole five months confined to my apartment due to COVID, I made the most of my time by doing these home decor updates.

Upgrade Your Happy Hour At Home With A Stylish Yet Functional Bar Cart

Happy Hour At Home is your safest bet right now in light of the times. Make it feel real with a stylish yet functional bar cart.

Add A Little Zen To Your Space With These Easy To Care For Houseplants

Houseplants not only bring zen to a space, they enhance the decor and purify the air. These plants are super easy to care for and hard to kill.

How To Create A Stylish Christmas Tree Without Breaking The Bank

The right accessories makes everything look better. Including a bald headed tree. Here’s how I created a Stylish Christmas Tree on a budget.

Make The Most Of Your Space In A Small Kitchen

Tips on how to make the most of your space in a small kitchen right on time for holiday cooking, along with a photo tour of my own.

How To Purge & Organize Your Small NYC Closet (And Keep It That Way)

This is how I keep my small NYC closet organized & in sync. I’m sharing with you so that you may experience the bliss I feel when getting dressed.

My Cozy & Chic Living Room Makeover + How I Share The Space As A Bedroom

A peek at my living room makeover with deets on where I got everything. I’m also sharing tips on how to divide a small space into multiple rooms.

My Beauty Corner + How To Organize Your Makeup In A Small Space

My Beauty Corner is where all of my makeup magic & face beatings go down. Check it out, along with tips on how to organize your makeup in a small space.