Black Eyed Peas With Smoked Turkey Necks

I’m a Brooklyn girl with down south roots and I love me some Soul Food. Black Eyed Peas with Smoked Turkey Necks is one of my favorite dishes.

Shrimp Egg Foo Yung

Shrimp Egg Foo Yung is one of my favorite Chinese dishes. I was craving some the other night and decided to try and make it myself. My oh my was it deelish.

Phenomenal Peach Cobbler

This past Sunday I was really craving some Peach Cobbler and I had the ingredients in the house, sooooo… I made one from scratch and it turned out great!

Double Bean Turkey Chili

There is nothing like a nice hot bowl of chili on a cold day. Here is a recipe for homemade Turkey Chili with my personal twist. My little man adores it!

Ball Drop Cocktail featuring Alize’ Gold Passion

The 2011 Ball Drop is an Alize Cocktail that will be a sure hit with your guests. It tingles the taste buds, and is so smooth with just the right kick.

Yummy Crab Rangoon

Crab Rangoon is a delicious snack, and would be a big hit for holiday parties, girls night in or a treat for the family. Kids love them!