Fake It ‘Til You Make It With Predesigned Press Ons

I’m totally obsessed with these predesigned press ons. It would take me all day to do these designs myself, and they wouldn’t look nearly as good!

5 Fall 2019 Makeup Trends To Try If You Barely Wear Makeup

Is Barely There Makeup your go to look? Then these Fall 2019 Makeup Trends are just for you since they require minimal effort (and application) to execute.

’90s Inspired Temporary Hair Color

I took it back to the ’90s and used the same temporary hair color that I used to use in high school to get this funky look for AfroPunk Brooklyn.

I Tried Golden Milk On My Natural Hair

I still haven’t actually tried the drink. But I did try the new My Black Is Beautiful Golden Milk Collection on my hair. Here’s how it turned out…

The Natural Hair Collection I’ve Been Using All Summer

I’ve been reaching for this trio from the Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Collection all Summer long for a bomb Wash n’ Go, on myself and clients!

A Peek Inside Of My Travel Beauty Bag

Whether it be a weekend getaway or cross country tour, you’ll need some beauty essentials while away. Here’s what’s currently in my travel beauty bag.

Give Your TWA New Life This Summer With A Side Part

Look fresh to death this Summer with a side part in your TWA. Watch this tutorial to see how to get a defined part. No clippers involved.

3 Spring 2019 Makeup Trends You Should Be Rocking Right Now

It’ll be a while before you can wear your Spring gear. But you should be rocking these Spring 2019 Makeup Trends right now.

You’ll Always Have Time To Deep Condition With This Clever Trick

This trick allows me to deep condition on the go whether I’m going to work, out with my girls or running errands. No one will ever know unless I tell them.