5 Things I’ve Learned About Natural Hair Since Doing the Big Chop

It’s been two months since I did the big chop. Here are some things I’ve learned about natural hair that’s been helping me along the way on my journey.

Free Spirit

I am totally in love with my hair, and since I did the big chop I feel like such a free spirit. So the name of this headband is very fitting.

Finger Coils on TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) Tutorial

My current favorite hairstyle is Finger Coils. It’s the perfect protective style when the hair is too short for other styles. This is how I do mine…

After The Big Chop: How I Style My TWA (Tutorial)

I told you guys that I would try to film a tutorial to show you how I’ve been styling my hair. This is pretty much how I style my TWA after washing it.

After The Big Chop: The Products I’m Using On My Natural Hair

It’s been 3 weeks since my big chop and you guys have been asking what products I’m using on my natural hair. So here’s my little army.

The Big Chop & Why I Decided to Take the Plunge

So if you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I did The Big Chop. You’re probably wondering why I switched to #TeamNatural so here goes…

What NOT To Do While Wearing Box Braids

Some tips on what NOT to do while you are wearing box braids. If you want to maintain optimal hair health these are absolute no nos!

6 Tips For Maintaining Healthy Relaxed Hair

Just because you’re relaxed doesn’t mean you can’t have healthy hair. Here’s a few tips to help you grow and maintain a head full of healthy relaxed hair.

5 Ways To Style Your Box Braids

I love the versatility of box braids. Be creative and the styling options are endless. Here’s 5 Ways to Style Your Box Braids…