Wash and Go Perfection on 4C Hair

4c Naturalistas can rock a Wash and Go just like any other hair type. It’s all about product selection & execution. Here are some of my fave product combos.

How To Get A Poppin’ Wash N’ Go On Short Type 4 Hair

Did you know that you can get a poppin’ Wash n’ Go on your short Type 4 hair using a comb? Let me show you how…

I Tried Golden Milk On My Natural Hair

I still haven’t actually tried the drink. But I did try the new My Black Is Beautiful Golden Milk Collection on my hair. Here’s how it turned out…

Super Shiny Wash N’ Go With The Fantasia IC Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection

I usually I dread washing my hair. But shaved sides and a Wash n’ Go with the Fantasia IC Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection makes things easier.

Amazing Wash n Go on 4C Hair with Frizz Free CURLS

The most amazing Wash n Go with poppin’, super defined, frizz free curls. The style lasted an entire week with low maintenance. Come and see what I used.

My Go To Summer Makeup Look

My go to Summer Makeup Look is all about looking like I’m beat to the gawds while still letting my skin shine through. Here’s what I use.

So Fresh and So Clean JHS Prom Outfit

Your child doesn’t have to wear a traditional prom outfit. Give them the creative freedom to come up with a look that suits their personal style and taste.

My Go To Products For A Bomb Flat Twist Out

One of my favorite hairstyles is a Flat Twist Out. I’ve tried a bunch of products to create the style, but this trio gives me bomb a$$ results every time.

3 Face Oils For Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

Face Oils can rejuvenate your dry, dull and washed out Winter complexion for gorgeous, glowing skin right in time for Spring. Here are my favorites.