I Celebrated My Birthday Breaking Bread At These Brooklyn Black Owned Restaurants

I celebrated my birthday at a few new black owned restaurants in my ‘hood, Suite 704 & Savvy Bistro. The food was AMAZING. Come see what we ate!

Great Grams 90th Birthday Brunch At Cheri’s BedStuy

I took my Great Grams to brunch at Cheri’s BedStuy to celebrate her 90th birthday, and they sure know how to serve up some soul food.

36th Birthday Vibes

I recently celebrated my 36th birthday and the vibe was totally different this year. I kept it chill at two local black owned spots- MangoSeed & Cafe Ru Dix

I Took My Son To LA For His 16th Birthday

My son asked if we could go to Los Angeles for his16th Birthday Trip. So I said let’s do it. Here’s where we stayed and what we did when we touched down.

My Son Treated Me To Dinner At Sweet Chick Prospect Heights For My Birthday

My son took me to dinner at Sweet Chick Prospect Heights to celebrate my birthday. Come and see what else we did while out on the town.

35th Birthday Celebration At Beauty & Essex

I celebrated my 35th Birthday with my girls at Beauty & Essex. I’m sharing the experience with y’all with lots of pics, in case it’s on your hit list.

Birthday Behavior At TAO Downtown

I had a small birthday dinner at NYC Hot Spot, TAO Downtown. The place was absolutely beautiful and the food and drinks were delicious…

Birthday Reflection

Every year without fail I end up with the Birthday Blues. Tormenting myself over the fact that I’m not exactly where I want to be. Not this year though.

13th Birthday Adventures In Tampa Florida

Can y’all believe that I have a 13 year old?! Let me tell y’all how we celebrated my pumpkin’s 13th birthday. Including our adventures in Tampa Florida.