5 AM Morning Routine For A Productive Day

5 AM is my preferred time to rise and grind. This morning routine really sets the tone and kick starts a productive day.
5 AM Morning Routine For A Productive Day

New year. New beginnings. However, your sis is trying to get back into some old habits. Like rising before the sun every day. Peace and quiet is not easy to achieve when living in an apartment. But waking up super early allows me get a slice of peace while the world is still sleeping. Well at least while my neighbors are still asleep. 5 am is my preferred time to rise and grind, and having a morning routine allows me to do all the things that I need to do without thinking too much about it. I’m sharing my 5 am morning routine in case you need some inspiration. This routine really sets the tone and kick starts a productive day.


I make my bed as soon as I get out of it. Making my bed helps me to feel like I accomplished something for the day. Even if I don’t get anything else done. For this reason, it’s the first step in my morning routine.


After making my bed, the next step of my morning routine is meditate for at least five minutes. I used to meditate while still laying in bed. But I found that I would always go back to sleep. Now I get out of the bed and make it up. Then sit on my floor pillows to do my morning meditation. This process has been working out so much better for me.

I use the Insight Timer meditation app to do timed meditations, and sometimes guided meditations. The free version has more than enough choices for a beginner.


After meditating, I roll out my yoga mat and do my morning stretches. I have fibromyalgia and some mornings I wake up extremely stiff and in pain. My doctor suggested stretching first thing in the morning to loosen up my muscles and joints, and ease the pain. My stretch session is usually less than ten minutes and I feel so much better after.


After stretching, I brush my teeth and head to the kitchen to make my breakfast and coffee. I’m in zombie mode until after I have my coffee since I barely ever get more than five hours of sleep. I know this isn’t healthy. Trust me, I’m working on it. In the meantime, my breakfast and coffee gives me the fuel I need to really get my day started, along with taking a daily multivitamin. I’ll have a matcha latte to get my caffeine boost on the days that I don’t have coffee.

I haven’t been doing too great in the healthy breakfast department lately. But I’m getting my life together and will be going back to my daily fix of healthy choices such as oatmeal, avocado toast on ezekiel bread and fresh fruit.

I usually catch up on the news and get my social media time in while enjoying my breakfast.


Now that I’ve had my caffeine fix I’m ready to work. After breakfast, I take about 30 minutes to respond to emails and comments left on my blogs, youtube and social media. This is when I really jumpstart my work day. I find that I stay on top of my emails better when I carve out some time every day to respond.


After breakfast, I take a long shower and do my morning skincare and body care routines. This allows me some time to pamper and pull myself together for the day. It also allows me time to get out of my pajamas and put on some real clothes. Even if it’s just some leggings and a hoodie.


The last step of my morning routine is to go over my planner before I dive into work. After I get dressed, I fill up my water bottle, then sit down at my desk and open my planner. I compare my planner to my digital calendars and to do lists to make sure that everything is listed for the day. Then I jump right in to work.

This year I’m using a Cloth & Paper Vertical Spiral Bound Planner. Cloth & Paper is a black-woman owned brand and I am so happy to support the company. Shop using my C&P link to receive $15 OFF your 1st order of $80+.

I’m sharing my 5 AM Morning Routine Vlog to give you guys a visual of my morning routine. Let me know if you have any questions.



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