10 Wellness Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Here are some wellness gift ideas that promote relaxation and an escape from reality. Even if only for a little while.
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If you’re like me and putting your gift lists together at the last minute, then I’m here to help. Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye. So it’s time to get the ball rolling and start doing your holiday shopping now. Self Care and wellness gifts are the perfect choice with everything that is going on in the world right now. Things that promote relaxation and an escape from reality. Even if only for a little while. Here are some wellness gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Alex Elle Affirmation Cards Wellness Gift Idea


Positive Affirmations help to disrupt negative thoughts and replace them with positive thinking. This new mindset will motivate you to lift yourself up and take action toward manifesting your dreams and goals. These Alex Elle Affirmation Cards is the perfect wellness gift for someone who may need that little extra push to turn their dreams into reality in the year to come.


As much as I try to get my daily allotment of water in, sometimes it’s a struggle. I bought this Motivational Water Bottle to push myself to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. It’s been helping me so much that I now want to gift one to all of my family and friends!

Motivational Water Bottle Gift
adidas 7/8 Yoga Leggings


Speaking of motivation, nothing motivates me more to hit the gym than new workout gear (well aside from that fupa staring at me in the mirror every day). The adidas Black Friday deals features some really cute workout gear, including these Yoga Studio 7/8 Leggings. Get a matching pair for you and your bestie, and hit the gym together.


Planning ahead is key for balance. A visual representation of those plans will help keep you on track. That’s why a planner is a great wellness gift for the forgetful person that’s trying to keep up with life. I personally love the planners from Cloth & Paper. Use my referral link for $15 off your 1st order of $80+.

Cloth & Paper Spiral Planner
Money Tree Plant Wellness Gift


You can’t go wrong with a new plant for the plant lovers in your life. Have they mentioned a specific plant that they wish to add to their collection? If not, take notes of the plants that they already have and the lighting conditions in their home. A Money Tree Plant is great for attracting good luck & prosperity, especially in a new home.


It is a popular belief that crystals have healing abilities for the mind, body and spirit. I myself use crystals to ward off negative energy and help manifest my affirmations. Rose Quartz is a good choice for beginners as an introduction to crystals. It helps promote self love & appreciation and will make an amazing wellness gift.

Healing Crystals Gift
Primark Booty Candle


Candles and a bottle of wine are my go tos for setting the mood for a relaxing evening at home. I know that this is also the case for many others. For this reason candles are an ideal wellness gift. Bonus- they also make for pretty decorative pieces. Celebrate your curvaceous sista with a big booty candle.


Speaking of wine, my days of manually opening a wine bottle are done. My mom gifted me this electric wine opener a few years back. Now it’s my go to gift for all of the wine lovers in my life. Trust me, your wine enthusiasts friends will love you for this.

Electric Wine Opener Gift
Black Books


A book is the ultimate gift for all of the book worms and home library lovers in your life. Relaxing in a cozy corner with a cup of tea and a good book is everything. I am working on building my little library of black books… books by us, about us and for us. Especially since many are being banned in several states, such as Toni Morrison’s Beloved.

Explore more books by black author’s.


A hot, candlelit bubble bath, with a glass of wine would be a splendid way to the end the day for that someone on your list who works long hours. A bamboo bath tray pulls the whole vibe together. It’s the wellness gift that keeps on giving. Include an oversized wine glass to further elevate the experience.

At Home Spa Day
Wellness Gift Ideas

What would you consider to be the perfect wellness gift?


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