How I Organize My Small Walk-In Closet

My small walk-in closet ain't stuffed to the max. There's a place for everything, and I'm able to easily find what I need. Here's how...

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How To Organize A Small Walk In Closet

One of the things I’m most excited about in my new apartment is the abundance of closet space. Not only do I now have my own bedroom, I also have two closets in my room- one of which is a walk-in closet. It’s a small walk-in closet. However, it has just enough space to hold my entire wardrobe. Yes, everything. Well aside from my outerwear and shoes. Which I’ve stored in my other bedroom closet. But we’ll come back to that. My closet ain’t stuffed to the max. There’s a place for everything, and I’m able to easily find what I’m looking for. Want to know my secret?

Small Walk In Closet Organization

Keeping a small closet organized is not an easy task when you have too much stuff to begin with. I’m able to keep my closet in order by minimizing the amount of stuff I put in it. I maintain a minimalist wardrobe consisting of basics and a carefully curated collection of pieces that I’m able to mix and match to create an abundance of outfits- like tracksuits. Every season I clear out the pieces that I don’t wear or don’t absolutely love, and donate them. Then I allow myself to purchase a few new items for the season, limiting my shopping to mostly pieces that I need. I don’t buy anything that I can’t pair with other pieces in my closet to create at least three outfits. I’ll sometimes splurge on a trendy piece if I feel I’ll be able to wear it for a few seasons.

Maintaining a minimalist wardrobe and an organized closet makes it so much easier to get dressed. I’m giving y’all a tour of my small walk-in closet and my other bedroom closet, and showing you how I organize everything in my Walk-In Closet Tour & Organization video. I’m also showing you guys the pieces that I added to my closet for Summer!

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  1. I saw your diy for making your sons pipe garment rack, which was awesome. Now I cant find it. Can you send me a link?

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