Why I’m Leaving NYC

Your sis is moving. I'm packing up my $hit and leaving NYC. Keep on reading to find out why.
Why I'm Leaving NYC

Hey y’all. Did you miss me? That was a rhetorical question as I know you did lol. Seriously though… I know I’ve been missing in action once again. But this time it’s for a good cause. I’ve been extremely busy packing and shopping for my new apartment. Yup, your sis is moving. I’m packing up my $hit and leaving NYC. I’ve been planning this move for the last year and I’m so proud of myself for mustering up the courage to follow through. As I told you guys in my new year post– my word of the year is Change. This is the first of many changes that I am planning this year. I’m terrified. But Faith over fear.

I’ve lived in my current apartment for 17 years. This was my first apartment and I really didn’t expect plan to stay here this long. I also didn’t expect that I’d be leaving NYC when I finally decided to move. But this move has been a long time coming. I realized that I needed to take immediate action to move forward in my life, instead of complaining while standing still. In my latest vlog, I’m sharing why I’m leaving NYC and what finally gave me the courage to propel forward. Watch now!

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  1. Congratulations and God Bless! I understand the need for peace in all aspects of your life. They say that when you become too uncomfortable then you will change. If you do the natural, God will do the Super! Many blessings and prayers to you SiS! Amen! 🥰😌

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