What I Got Myself For Christmas 2022

I shamelessly bought myself gifts before everyone else. Don't judge me. I deserve.
What I Bought Myself For Christmas 2022

Happy holidays y’all. Every year I buy myself at least one gift for Christmas. It’s usually something on the expensive side that’s been sitting on my list all year. Last year I got myself a new computer and gave my office nook a makeover to up my content game. This year I went all out and shamelessly bought myself several gifts before getting anything for anyone else. Don’t judge me. I deserve nice things lol. All jokes aside, it felt really good to prioritize myself. And yes I did purchase gifts for my family after treating myself. I’m not selfish and Christmas is the season of giving after all. Watch my first episode of Vlogmas to see what else I bought myself for Christmas 2022.

Watch my Vlogmas Episode 2 and Episode 3, and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on notifications. You don’t want to miss the rest of my holiday content and all that I have in store for you guys in the new year… including a new cooking channel- Moore Mealz. You’ll want to subscribe to that one as well. I’ll be sharing cooking shorts for inspiration until full launch!

What did you buy yourself for Christmas 2022?

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