I Tried A One Day Juice Cleanse. Here Is How It Went.

I did a One Day Juice Cleanse in an attempt to give my body a reset. This is what happened.
Pressed One Day Juice Cleanse Review

I did a One Day Juice Cleanse in an attempt to give my digestive system and body a reset. I decided to go with Pressed since they use a cold-pressed process to extract the juice which retains more nutrients and vitamins. Pressed also doesn’t add any sugars or preservatives to their juice blends. Which was important to me. The brand was also easily accessible as there are several locations in NYC. So I was able to purchase in store instead of having my juices shipped. This way I was able to do my cleanse right away.

This was my first time doing a juice cleanse. Although I have tried Pressed juices before. I went with Pressed Cleanse 2 which is the most popular option and includes five juices and a nut milk. The juices included a variety of greens, citrus and roots blends. Each juice (and the milk) is contained in 15.2 oz 25% rPET recyclable bottles. I drank one juice about every two hours, and chased each juice with 20 ounces of water to make sure that I stayed hydrated during the cleanse.

Watch my One Day Juice Cleanse Video to get a detailed overview of how things went.

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  1. Hey Erica! I watched your juice cleanse video earlier. I researched Pressed Juicery & they do deliver to the Midwest. I ordered the cleanse 2. Cannot wait to try it.

    1. I am glad that delivery was an option for you. Please let me know how the juice cleanse goes!

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