Introducing My New Personal Website & A Blog Redesign

Your sis has been doing a bit of rebranding. I've got a new personal website, and I've redesigned the blog. Let me tell y'all all about it...
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I’ve been gone for a hot minute, but for good reason. Along with sorting out some health issues, your sis has been doing a bit of rebranding. No worries, I’m good. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I’ve been having some trouble with my stomach and digestion. However, I’ve been able to get a diagnosis and I’m on the mend. I’m going to tell you guys all about that soon. Today let’s focus on the blog redesign and my new personal website. If you’ve been here before today, then you must have noticed that The Glamorous Gleam got a facelift! The blog has worn many faces over the years. But I could never produce the look that I wanted for the site using just themes and plugins.

This time around I decided to take the plunge and design the site from scratch, all by myself. I used Elementor Pro with their Hello Theme which allowed me to design the entire site. Header, footer and every page. I was only able to muster up the courage to redesign the blog after designing and building my new personal website myself using Elementor Pro and the Astra theme. Elementor worked so well that I upgraded my plan from Essential to Advanced so that I have the capability to use it on 3 sites. I’ll be tackling a redesign of my food blog- Moore Mealz, next. I’ll do a post with some tips in case you guys want to build our own site.

I’m extremely happy with the blog redesign as it’s so my style- Minimalist Chic with a dose of Glam, and straight to the point. I did my best to make everything easy to find while remaining visually appealing. I’m still working out the kinks as they arise. So please let me know if you run into any issues while navigating the new site.

The Glamorous Gleam's GlamMzMore Personal Website

Now allow me to introduce y’all to I’ve been wanting to create a new site for a while now. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to rename my blog or start something new. I was also considering whether or not I wanted to completely rebrand and change the name of my properties to my real name.

In the end I decided to build a new personal website around my brand & moniker- GlamMzMore. Pronounced Glam-Miss-Moore. I’ve been using the moniker since I started my YouTube channel back in 2010 and since have transitioned all of my social media channels to the name. I’ve become well known by GlamMzMore and inherently it has become my brand. Visit the about page on to learn how I came up with the name. 

This new website will be my main hub to let everyone know exactly who I am, what I do and how to book me. The Official Website of Erica Moore. I’ve also moved my Artistry from a separate site to my new personal website, making it easier to book hair services when I resume styling hair this summer. I’ve decided to discontinue doing makeup for the moment. 

The Glamorous Gleam isn’t going anywhere for now. It’s a huge part of my brand. My first project. My baby. And I plan to continue creating content here and inspiring all of you to Glamorously Live Your Best Life. The blog redesign was necessary for my rebranding and I will not be creating a new blog. However, I do plan to further expand my brand, and that is why this new personal website was necessary. Stay tuned to see what’s next, and thank you guys so much for the continued support! xo


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