Grow Out Your TWA With This Winter Protective Style Tutorial

Grow Out Your TWA With This Winter Protective Style

Tis’ the season for dried out, damaged & breaking natural hair. That’s if you don’t do an appropriate Winter Protective Style. It’s important to not only protect your natural hair from the elements during the winter season, but to give your hair a break from daily manipulation in order to retain growth.

Finger Coils Winter Protective Style For Short Natural Hair

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of protective styles may be braids, twists, faux locs and other traditional options. But what if your natural hair is not quite long enough for those styles without having to put too much tension on your scalp? Throw in some Finger Coils sis. Finger Coils is my go to winter protective style when my natural hair is super short. Don’t get it twisted though, the style can be worn any time of year, and at any length. It’s actually a really cute choice for vacation too.

How To Do Finger Coils On Super Short Natural Hair

I wash and deep condition my hair to prep it. Then I add leave-in conditioner and seal in the moisture with JBCO before doing the coils. I do the finger coils with gel to hold the style. This style usually lasts up to three weeks with minimal maintenance. I simply oil my scalp once a week, gel my edges when I feel like it, and sleep in a satin bonnet. That’s it, and my hair grows like crazy. That’s what happens when you protect your natural hair from the elements and keep your hands out ya head.

Finger Coils On Super Short Natural Hair

This winter protective style is really easy to do yourself and I’m going to show you how with this Finger Coils On Super Short 4C TWA Tutorial. Give your hair a break and watch your fro’ grow!



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