21 Facts About Me That You Possibly Don’t Know

It's come to my attention that y'all don't really know your sis. So, here’s 21 Facts About Me with a video so you know it's real!
21 Facts About Me That You Possibly Don't Know

It’s come to my attention that I’ve been editing this blog for almost 12 years and I haven’t done a facts about me post. So y’all don’t really know your sis. I’m not talking about the typical info that you’ll find on the About Me page. I mean the real deal, around the way girl- ME. You may already know some of these things if you follow me on Instagram. And some bits I’ve shared on the blog over the years. But in any case, here’s 21 facts about  me that you possibly don’t know. With a video so you know it’s real!

  1. I was born 3 months premature on the cusp of Virgo & Libra, weighing in at 2 lbs 10 ounces. The doctors didn’t think I’d make it. But God had other plans.
  2. I live in Brooklyn, NYC and was born and raised here for the most part. So were my parents. But all of my grandparents were born down south- Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia. I actually lived in Virginia for a year at age nine.
  3. I’m 38 years young. No one believes it when I tell them. But my grays are starting to give me away. 
  4. I have one child, an 18 year old son. Everyone thinks he’s my little brother when we go out. They’d probably think he was my man if he didn’t have my whole entire face. I don’t wish to birth anymore children. A sis doesn’t have the patience or energy to start all over again after raising a whole adult. However, I have a niece, a nephew and a goddaughter that I love like my own. And I can’t wait to get some more bonus children. The joy is that I can love them up and give them back!
  5. I have 3 tattoos. Well technically 4. The one on my upper arm is actually a cover up. My name used to be there. I don’t know why my momma allowed me to do that. But I got it covered up with a custom drawn medley of hibiscus flowers and butterflies for my 25th birthday, to represent my transition into a beautiful young woman.
  6. I’m both my parents eldest child. I have two sisters from my mom and all of us are 8 years apart. I have a brother from my Dad whom I’m 17 years older than. 
  7. When I was younger, I always wanted to be a nurse. Until I realized that I can’t take the sight of blood or any other bodily fluids, and was terrified of needles myself well into adulthood.
  8. So I decided that I wanted to be an Entrepreneur instead. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major concentration in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management, and Minor in Marketing.
  9. I’m a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Delta Mu Zeta Chapter. Spring ‘07. I wasn’t able to have the undergraduate experience as I was pregnant my entire sophomore year, and a working single mom with an overloaded course load for the rest of my college career. But I decided that I still wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a member. By any means necessary. 
  10. I work in Education during the day.
  11. Aside from my day job, I run multiple small businesses…
  12. I’m a Digital Content Creator & Influencer.
  13. I’m the Editor & Founder of The Glamorous Gleam– a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog.
  14. I love to cook and also have a cooking blog- Moore Mealz.
  15. I’m a self taught Freelance Makeup Artist & Hairstylist (see my portfolio). I’ve been doing hair since I was 12 years old and always practice styles on my own head before doing them for others. I don’t let anyone else touch my hair. Any style you see me wear, I did it myself. 
  16. I prefer to wear my hair short and have been wearing it short for the last 10 years or so. I wore a Pixie Cut for five years before doing the Big Chop. But I actually chopped my hair off for the first time for my 21st birthday as I wanted a grown up look. No one thought I’d do it, but I did and it was so refreshing. I kept it short for about a year before letting it grow back out.  
  17. I’ve now been wearing my hair natural for the last six years and don’t see myself ever going back to a relaxer. 
  18. I have Hashimotos Thyroidits which is an an autoimmune disorder. My immune system is attacking my thyroid because it thinks that it doesn’t belong. I was diagnosed about 6 years ago. My thyroid hormone levels are still in the normal range, but I have a small goiter that’s been stable over the years. Eventually I’ll most likely end up with an under-active thyroid or Hypothyroidism, and will need to take medicine to replace my thyroid function. This is the reason why I did the big chop in the first place as I was exhibiting symptoms with my relaxed hair- shedding, severe itching in the crown and random patches where my hair had fallen out. When I stopped relaxing, these issues resolved. Although the itching in the crown can still be intense at times.
  19. I’m a Pescatarian– I eat seafood but no meat from land animals. I made the transition gradually. Quitting pork 18 years ago, red meat about 10 years ago and poultry 5 and a half years ago. I’m now attempting to transition to a gluten free and dairy free diet as it’s better for managing my thyroid health.
  20. I don’t really have a work out routine and have genetics to thank for my build. However, I’m planning to do better as my metabolism is slowing down with age, and whenever my thyroid stops working it will be harder to maintain my weight. Besides, exercise is a necessary component of a healthy wellness routine.
  21. I’ve never been married, and at this point in my life I’m not 100% sure that I want to make that commitment. I feel like my generation doesn’t value the sacred institution of marriage. I ain’t fittin’ to let no one treat me any type of way and stay with them because I took vows. If I know I’m not willing to uphold them, why take the vows in the first place? Of course there’s also the possibility that Mr Right will come along and change my mind. But I don’t have time for Mr Right Now.

Whew child. That’s a whole lot of tea. Cold tea maybe, but tea it is lol. Now that I gave y’all some facts about me, tell me how you found your sis, and how long ago…

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