6 Ways To Have A Good Time Spending The Holidays At Home

Outside is still not safe. So I'll be spending the holidays at home. Doing the same? Here's some ways to keep the party going within your household.
How To Have Fun Spending The Holidays At Home

COVID numbers are rapidly rising again. In turn, many medical experts and government authorities are requesting that people spend the holidays at home- with members of their households. But I had already made the decision to stay home this holiday season. Large gatherings are still not safe. I don’t understand why people are having such a hard time realizing this. If we all comply to the safety measures being put in place, then maybe we can get over this pandemic. But I digress. Me and mines will be staying home. And I will not be inviting anyone over. We’re not worried though because we know how to have a good time. If you’re also choosing to spend the holidays at home, here’s some ways to keep the party going within your household.

Holidays At Home Fish Fry


Nothing has been traditional or normal about this year so far, and the holiday season will be different to say the least. So why not celebrate the holidays at home in a non-traditional way with a Holiday Fish Fry. Fry up some of you and your family’s favorite types of fish, and serve with traditional along with non-traditional holiday sides and desserts. Everyone in the home can make a dish or dessert. Let the kiddies participate by helping mix and prepare the ingredients.


Game Night is a fun way to spend the holidays at home. There’s so many choices depending on the size of your household and age range of the members. You can never go wrong with card games- especially Spades or Uno. Jenga and board games are go tos for game night as well. I remember my mom would kick all of our butts in Monopoly every year during holiday break. We had fun getting our butts kicked though, and the game taught us some gems about finance and investing. Trivia games like Jeopardy is another good choice. Last but not least, video games are perfect for the little ones and teenagers. Show off your dance moves with Just Dance, or your hoop skills with NBA 2K. The kids will be thrilled that you’re playing video games with them!

Friendsgiving Karaoke Girls Night


Ain’t no party like a Karaoke Party ‘cause a Karaoke Party don’t stopppp! Seriously though, Karaoke parties are so much fun. I hosted a Karaoke Friendsgiving for my girls a few years back and it was a big hit. I even invested in these Tzumi PopSolo Karaoke Mics for future sing along fun, and it’s so easy to find karaoke versions of songs with lyrics on YouTube. Everyone of all ages will thoroughly enjoy themselves. Growing up, all of my family holiday dinners ended with a round of karaoke. We didn’t have a karaoke machine or instrumental tracks though. We kept it old school and sang everything acapella, and from the heart. I come from a family with some beautiful voices so we start sanging every chance we get. Especially after the alcohol starts flowing lol


Having a Movie Marathon is one of my favorite things to do when spending the holidays at home. In fact, my son and I usually do a movie marathon every Halloween and Christmas. We also have movie night regularly all year as a way to spend some QT and bond. Pick your favorite holiday movies. Pop some popcorn. Bake some cupcakes or cookies, and you’re ready for your movie marathon. You can also choose a different theme if you’re not into traditional holiday movies- like your favorite super hero movies or the Harry Potter series.

How To Throw A NYE Glam Pajama Jam


Everyone loves a good slumber party or pajama jam. Best part is, you can make all of the other fun activities mentioned in this post into a pajama jam. Get matching holiday pajamas for the entire family to make it even more fun. Or get glammed out in your Sunday’s Best pajama set. I had a New Years Eve Glam Pajama Jam year before last and it was so lit. It was just my closest girls and my son, but we had so much fun. We sang all night and even played some trivia games. One thing that I always do when hosting parties at home is set up a photo booth wall with props. Everyone always loves it and it makes you forget you’re at a house party.


I know it may be hard not having the entire family come together this year. But it’s best to spend the holidays at home with those that live in your household to keep everyone safe and healthy. Just because you can’t physically get together doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate together though. You can celebrate virtually with family and friends that you aren’t able to visit or host this year due to the pandemic. Schedule a virtual family dinner and give everyone a chance to state what they are grateful for. After dinner, have a Virtual Karaoke Party and let everyone sing their favorite song. Then end the night with a family performance.



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  1. My family will be celebrating Thanksgiving via Zoom. The numbers are out of control here in Illinois and it’s just not worth it. I’ll miss one Thanksgiving in order to spend many more in the future with mine. I just pray others will make the same decision and cancel their plans because it’s not worth it.

    1. That’s a great idea sis as it is definitely not worth taking the risk. Numbers are skyrocketing here in NYC as well, and the governor is about to mandate tighter restrictions. I believe we will end up back in lockdown this winter 😔

  2. These are such good ideas!! We are keeping it just us this year as well and while its hard not being with everyone I also know its better to be safe then sorry! Happy holidays sis!

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