How I’m Coping With Coronavirus Lockdown

It feels surreal that we're battling a pandemic and most of us are under coronavirus lockdown. Here's how I've been coping with the situation.
Coronavirus Quarantine Check-In

Hey y’all. I hope that all of you are well and doing your best to stay home to help flatten the curve. I’ve intentionally been MIA as I needed to take some time to wrap my head around this coronavirus crisis. It feels surreal that we’re battling a pandemic and most of us are under lockdown orders. I never imagined that I’d see anything like this in my lifetime. Honestly, it’s been a little hard to cope.

How I’ve Been Coping With Coronavirus Lockdown

My son & I have been self-isolating for almost three weeks now. I only left my house twice in the first week for doctors appointments and groceries. Both my job and NYC Public Schools are temporarily closed under the Mayor’s New York State on PAUSE Executive Order. As a result, my son is doing his schoolwork remotely. So we haven’t left the house at all for the last two weeks with the exception of checking the mail and taking out the trash. Grocery deliveries are the only in person interaction we have with other people. Even then we follow Social Distancing Protocol to protect ourselves.

I spent the first two weeks sleeping for the most part. I tend to sleep a lot when I’m feeling blue, and I’ve definitely been feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. Aside from sleeping, I was constantly checking the news for coronavirus updates. In a nutshell the situation left me feeling depressed and I was having a hard time dragging myself out of it.

Being in isolation away from family & friends surely doesn’t help the situation. Thank God that I have my son here with me. I don’t know if I’d be able to cope alone. I stay strong for his sake. To be able to uplift and encourage him at this trying time. This is my son’s senior year in high school and so much is in limbo since we don’t know when the coronavirus crisis will end. He’s been angry and sad about the possibility of missing out on his senior activities such as prom and graduation. Along with feeling stressed due to remote learning. So I had to put my supermom cape on and find strength for my son.

Last weekend I decided that enough was enough. I forced myself out of the bed. Made up my bed. Took a long hot shower. Made breakfast. Then sat down to come up with a plan. We can expect to be under lockdown for at least another month. So I need to do my best to maintain a sense of normalcy. Otherwise I’ll go insane.

How I Plan To Navigate Lockdown Moving Forward

I don’t want to sleep my life away. But I also don’t want to do the absolute most. After taking some time to self reflect, I realized that I’ve been longing for a break from my everyday routine. I felt like I never had enough hours in a day to get everything done, and was feeling completely burned out. A forced break wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I’d rather be laid up on a beach. With a cocktail in hand. Naturally increasing my Vitamin D. But I’ll just have to take what was given and make the best of my current situation. My top priority is self care. My Mantra- Relax. Recharge. Reflect. Repeat.

Along with self care, I plan to catch up on some work. I haven’t been working from home since my job closed. I’ve technically been on paid leave. However, I’m in the process of setting myself up to work remotely in anticipation that it will soon be a requirement.

I’m also getting back to creating content. For the first time ever, I had my content planned out for January-June. But I had to make some major changes in light of our current situation. Ideally I would like to put out more content than usual since I‘m home. It all depends on what my remote work load will look like from my job. But I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself because as mentioned, self care is my top priority right now. Besides, I’d also like to spend as much time as possible with my son. Squeeze in binge watching my favorite shows & reading. Along with having Virtual Happy Hours and Netflix Parties with my girls. Balance is key 😊

That’s it for my coronavirus lockdown checkin.
How have you been coping with lockdown & social distancing?

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  1. Thanks for writing this, that’s exactly what I’ve done everyday after remotely working…sleep. I’ve pulled myself together this week. My sons completing his Junior year remotely as well with the same school hours. It helps keep his schedule together, although he’s missing track and field with his teammates

    1. You’re welcome. I’m glad to hear that you and your son are doing well. Hopefully this will all be over sooner rather than later ❤️

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