Winter Wardrobe Essentials To Stay Warm And Still Look Cute

You don't have to be cold to be cute sis. Add these pieces to your winter wardrobe to stay warm and look cute at the same damn time.
Winter Wardrobe Essentials Faux Fur Headband

When I was a young thang, I wore the tiniest of jackets all Winter. Didn’t matter how brick it was. Neck wide open. No hat. No scarf. Crop top and low rise jeans to show off my tramp stamp lower back tattoo. My Grandma stayed on me about my winter wardrobe and not dressing appropriately for the weather. “You’re going to get cold in your back.” “Close up your neck before you catch pneumonia.” Oh and- “You’re going to have arthritis in your knees from wearing them heels so high.” I did better after I had my son and realized that being sick doesn’t relieve you of mommy duties. But boy do I wish I had listened to my Grandma earlier. She was right. I now have back trouble, and can’t even wear sky high heels anymore because they hurt. That’s that arthritis settling in. I caught on early. But I peeped that some of us haven’t learned our lesson and are still not dressing for the weather. You don’t have to be cold to be cute sis. Add these pieces to your winter wardrobe to stay warm and still look cute.

Faux Mink Coat Holiday Outfit

Statement Coat

Your statement coat is going to be the glue that holds your winter wardrobe together. It will make literally anything look good. Yup, even kicks and leggings. If like me you’re a minimalist, then a faux fur coat is statement enough. There’s a variety of cute styles from the teddy coat to the faux mink (here’s a vintage one similar to mine). Puffers are also trending this winter. So try a maxi down coat with a big faux fur hood. You’ll be extra warm. Oh, and extra cute.

Winter Wardrobe Essentials Faux Fur Headband

Faux Fur Headband

You may not be into hats. But when it gets really cold, you’re going to need to cover your head. If your coat doesn’t have a cozy over-sized hood, then your next best option is a faux fur headband. You’ll be covered up enough to avoid getting a nasty head cold.

Faux Fur Jacket Outfit


If a headband is still too much head coverage for you, then you should at least invest in some earmuffs. You may still end up with a head cold. But at least you’ll avoid an ear infection along with it. Ear infections ain’t no fun & games. Neither is the sore throat that usually comes along with it.

Winter Wardrobe Oversized Scarf

Oversized Scarf

Wearing a flimsy scarf when it’s really cold is like using a bandage when you need stitches. It ain’t gone help sis. Get you an oversized scarf to add to your winter wardrobe. It’ll keep your neck and chest closed up, and double as a blanket if you work in a cold office.

Chunky Sweater

This is a piece you’ll find yourself grabbing often. Not only does a chunky sweater look amazing with jeans and skirts, but it’s the perfect piece to pair with leggings. It’s actually the only way I’ll wear leggings, along with over the knee or thigh high boots. Especially to work. If you go up a size or two, you’ll even be able to pair your sweater with thigh high boots and wear it as a dress.

SNOWMAN New York Graceful

Flat Over The Knee Boots

Speaking of over the knee boots, a flat pair is definitely in order for the Winter months. Don’t get caught out there slipping on black ice or icy puddles trying to be cute with high heels on. You can be just as cute (and more comfortable) in flats. A pair of flat otk boots will not only keep you safer when walking, but will also add an extra layer of warmth. Go for a pointed toe pair with an elastic panel in the back for a chic look.

What are your Winter Wardrobe Essentials?

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