5 Ways To Practice Self Love On Valentine’s Day {Or Any Day}

Single on Valentines Day? There’s no better time than today to love on yourself. Here are some ways to practice self love today and every day.
5 Ways To Practice Self Love On Valentine's Day {Or Any Day}

Single on Valentines Day? Don’t stress or be depressed. There’s no better time than today to love on yourself. Honestly though, you should practice self love whether you’re in a relationship or not. And not just on “Love Day”. But on any day that you need a self esteem boost. Because ain’t nobody gone love you like you boo. Here are some ways to practice self love today and every day. 

I Love Me Positive Affirmation

Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations helps you to overcome negative thoughts and achieve a positive mental attitude. When practiced regularly, this energy will reflect outwardly in your life with increased self esteem and a boost in your mood. 

Start with writing yourself a love letter today. Write down all of the things that you love about yourself and leave all negativity at the door. 

Get in a daily dose of self love by writing a positive affirmation in your journal every day. That’s why I love the Five Minute Journal because there’s a space dedicated for this. 

If you have an Amazon Echo Dot then you can add the Daily Affirmation Alexa Skill. Alexa will give you a positive affirmation whenever you ask. Or you can add the skill to your daily routine. I have Alexa give me an affirmation every morning before I head out the door for work. 


Give Yourself A Salt Lamp For Valentine's Day

Treat Yo’ Self

Treat yourself how you want to be treated. Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have flowers, candy or a V-Day gift.

Buy yourself some flowers. Treat yourself to something on your wish list. Maybe an overdue Spa Day. Or a wellness gift like a salt lamp or an oil diffuser. I personally treated myself to this gorgeous piece of art, and I’ll be booking a Spa Day as well.

Make the self love practice of treating yourself a regular routine and you will always feel loved. 


Solo Dinner Date

Take Yourself Out On A Date

Taking myself out on a date is one of my favorite ways to show myself some self love. It’s a way to get in some alone time. As well as a reason to get out of the house. My go to solo date is dinner & a movie. It’s easier to get a seat to an almost sold out movie when you’re alone. Plus you don’t have to do the long wait for a table at a popular restaurant. You can just sit at the bar (if they have one). 

Going out alone is also a good way to meet people. For some reason people always spark up a convo with me when I’m out by myself. 


Crab Boil Date Night In

Date Night In

If you’re not comfortable with going out solo, then a Date Night In is your next best bet. I actually prefer a Date Night In on V-Day when I’m in a relationship as it’s more romantic in my opinion. I’d plan a candle lit dinner. Wear something sexy. And you know how the rest goes (blushes). 

Anyway, Date Night In is a great way to practice self love. Slip on a kimono. Cook your favorite meal. Open a bottle of wine. Light some Sage Incense. And curl up on the couch to Netflix & Chill. Sounds like an amazing night to me. 


Eucalyptus Shower

Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself is the ultimate form of self love. It not only keeps you looking good, but feeling good as well. 

A Eucalyptus Shower followed by a sheet mask is the perfect way to end your Valentine’s Day. Simply hang a fresh bouquet of eucalyptus from your shower head. The steam releases essential oils that will help clear congestion while melting stress away. The sheet mask will detox, brighten & hydrate your skin. 

You’ll sleep like a baby and wake up with the afterglow of a great night. 


What’s Your Favorite Way To Practice Self Love?

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