I Celebrated My Birthday Breaking Bread At These Brooklyn Black Owned Restaurants

I celebrated my birthday at a few new black owned restaurants in my 'hood, Suite 704 & Savvy Bistro. The food was AMAZING. Come see what we ate!
Suite 704 Brooklyn Black Owned Restaurants

Thanking God for another trip around the sun. I’m 37 years young. I thought I would have been lying about my age by now. But I’m blessed to still be here and I look forward to seeing many more years, God willing. Besides, these grays around my temple don’t lie. Just like last year, I celebrated my birthday at a few local black owned restaurants.

Birthday Brunch at Suite 704 | Brooklyn Black Owned Restaurants

We have to keep our money in our own communities to make sure our businesses stay in business. Especially in gentrified neighborhoods like Crown Heights where our businesses are being pushed out due to the skyrocketing cost of rent. These are relatively new black owned restaurants and I’d like to see them stay in business. Especially after having such a great time. 

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Wasted Brunch at Suite 704 Brooklyn

The day before my birthday, my girls & I went to a Sunday Brunch Party at Suite 704 Caribbean restaurant. Every Sunday the establishment hosts a “Wasted Brunch”. The prefix menu includes a salad, entrèe and 2 hours of unlimited drinks. The food was made fresh to order and everything was delicious. We chose the Sugarcane Mimosas for our drink selection. They weren’t that strong which is usually the case for unlimited drink specials. But they did the job.

Suite 704 Brunch Ackee & Saltfish
Suite 704 Brunch Curry Shrimp & Grits
Suite 704 Brunch Pineapple Salmon

The DJ was playing all of the tunes and my girls and I danced and had a good old time.  It was a lit afternoon!

Savvy Bistro Review

On my birthday, my son took me to dinner at Savvy Bistro & Bar. I’ve visited this restaurant on a prior occasion and enjoyed the food. So I was glad to go back to try something new from the menu. 

Birthday Dinner at Savvy Bistro Brooklyn
Savvy Bistro Crab Burger & Jerk Chicken Burger

I had the Crab Burger, while my son had the Jerk Chicken Burger and both were pretty good. Karaoke Monday was going on while we were there. Although we didn’t participate, it was pretty entertaining watching everybody else. 

Mom & Son Coordinating Outfits

The restaurant presented me with a huge slice of carrot cake with sparklers as a birthday treat. I had an amazing night out with my son. 

Savvy Bistro Black Owned Brooklyn Restaurants


I truly enjoyed my birthday celebrations at Suite 704 and Savvy Bistro & Bar, and I can’t wait to visit more of these up and coming establishments in my ‘hood. You can see more of my reviews on black owned restaurants in Brooklyn here.

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