How To Find Your Personal Style

Trying to figure out your personal style? After doing a closet purge I had to refine mine. Here's the questions that I asked myself along the way.
How To Find Your Personal Style

Do you find yourself constantly buying clothing because it’s on sale? Or because you saw your favorite fashion blogger wear something and you just had to have it? Then it sits in the closet unworn with tags in tact until it makes it’s way to the donation pile. If this is you, then you need to figure out your personal style. No worries as I’m here to help. I found my personal style way before I started blogging. I’ve always loved classic pieces with form flattering silhouettes and funky shoes to jazz up my outfits. But as a fashion blogger who follows lots of other fashion bloggers, it’s easy to lose your way. I begin to buy pieces that I would never have given a second look. My closet was filled to capacity, but I never had anything to wear. Along with doing a closet purge, I had to refine my personal style to avoid ending up in the same situation again. Here’s the questions that I asked myself along the way.

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When finding your personal style, the first thing you need to consider is your lifestyle. Do you have to dress up for work, or do you work in a casual environment? What types of events do you regularly attend? Where do you go for fun? Do you have young children? All of these things factor in when finding your personal style. There’s no need to have a closet full of suits and dress clothes if you work in a casual environment. Just like there’s no need to have a collection of evening gowns if you don’t often attend events that require one.

This was big for me when revisiting my style. I can pretty much wear whatever I want to work. Yet, I unnecessarily had a closet full of corporate and statement pieces, but lacked casual clothing. When rebuilding my wardrobe I purged most of the corporate pieces and added jeans along with basic camis and tees to pair with statement pieces. I also got rid of a lot of my sky high heels and added more sneakers, mules and other comfortable shoes. Now I’m able to create cute & comfortable looks for work, and not look like I’m going to the office on the weekend.

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Your personal style choices should not only make you look good, but feel good. If you look in the mirror after getting dressed and don’t feel 100% confident in what you’re wearing, then you’re choosing the wrong pieces. My stomach is too big. This cellulite is ugly. My legs are too skinny. My arms look flabby. Stop doing that to yourself. Your clothing should flatter your figure and accentuate your best features. If you have a nice bottom but a bit of a fupa, choose jeans with a high waist that flatters your behind while concealing your stomach- hello Mom Jeans! Self conscious about your slim legs? Choose wide leg trousers over skinny pants.

I myself used to love body con dresses and pencil skirts. The tighter the better. I’m getting older and my metabolism has slowed down. Leaving me with more of a “womanly body”. My hips and behind spread, thighs got bigger and I have a fupa myself. I can no longer wear body con dresses and pencil skirts without shape wear that sometimes make me feel like I can’t breathe. Then I look ridiculously uncomfortable constantly having to pull down my dress or skirt because it twists, turns and rises as I walk. When revisiting my style, I left these pieces out since they don’t make me feel my best.

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Do you love high waisted, wide legged trousers because they make your booty look bomb and elongate your legs? So you have them in every color. Or maybe you love how comfortable slip dresses are and how sexy they make you feel. So you’ve built a little collection and wear them solo or layer them with other pieces. What does all of this mean? You may already have found your personal style but you’re not paying attention. Or like me, you may have lost your way thanks to social media and the temptation to buy everything that you see everyone else wearing. Think about the type of pieces that you wear constantly. That make you feel confident, yet comfortable, and look good. This is your personal style.

After purging my closet I realized that just like when I was younger, I still love a good statement blazer. But I’ve also become obsessed with dusters, and kimonos. I love me a fly kimono! Although I’m not fond of too many prints and colors in my closet, I make an exception for kimonos. They make me feel like the Queen that I am. Confident. Sexy. Can’t nobody tell me ish when I’m in a kimono. Or otherwise. Bloop.

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My personal style is Minimalist Chic. I don’t have a whole lot of clothes. But I do have a carefully curated closet full of pieces that I love, that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. Most of my clothing is neutral in color so that I can easily pair pieces. However, I do have a few pops of color and prints to jazz things up.

I hope that I’ve helped you to get a jump start on finding your personal style. Now you’ll need to revamp your wardrobe. So check out my post on How To Purge & Organize Your Closet.

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  1. I realized my personal style is Long dresses. I can go from pjs to walk out the door in 16 minutes

    1. I wish I could get ready that quick. I’ve cut the amount of time down significantly. But I’m super slow in the morning and drag my feet. I get up 2 hours before I need to leave for work so I can lounge around, drink my coffee and watch it get light out. Wish I could actually see the sun rise 😩

  2. I started working on my personal style earlier this year. I noticed certain styles that I used to gravitate towards no longer interested me. I’m a personal stylist on the side so I took myself on as a client, lol. My style is now classic with a twist (think J. Crew meets Tracee Ellis Ross). I love kimonos too, they’re a great alternative to sweaters.

    1. Took yourself on as a client. I like that lol. I also like the sound of J. Crew meets Tracee Ellis Ross 🙌🏾

  3. I am 42, shame to say, I don’t hv much of a style, I don’t even go extra on myself, as much as I want to, it’s like am not to , will really like some help am single and really want to work on me,


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