Do This To Maximize Your Public Transit Commute & Boost Productivity

I absolutely despise my daily public transit commute. But I maximize the time by catching up on things that I’m usually short on time for. Like...
How To Maximize Your Public Transit Commute

I absolutely despise my daily public transit commute. It seems like the earlier I leave, the later I get to work. There’s always some type of delay. Signal malfunction. Sick passenger. Or some other undisclosed reason why the train is not moving. The MTA just won’t let me be great. But instead of sulking, I maximize my public transit commute by catching up on things that I’m usually short on time for. Here’s some of those things. 

How To Maximize Your Public Transit Commute

Draft Blog Posts

I’m actually writing this post on my way to work. My train is EXTREMELY delayed for the 3rd day in a row. I’m so mad that it’s either scream or write. There’s enough people screaming unnecessarily on the train. So I chose to write. I find drafting blog posts to be the most productive use of my commute time as it makes it so much easier to schedule my posts later. I just have to edit and add pictures. 


For some odd reason I come up with the best ideas during my work commute. Things just come to me and I make note before I forget. Sometimes I even get a blog post idea and draft the entire post at that moment. 

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Respond To Emails

I currently have about 3000 unread emails over 7 accounts. Horrible. I know. But not everything requires a response (or I’d be in trouble). I just can’t seem to keep up. I’m honestly overwhelmed. That’s why after drafting blog posts, answering emails takes priority during my public transit commute. 

Update Planner

I usually update my planner on Sundays. However, Sunday is also my day of rest. So at times I don’t feel up to it, or just don’t get to it. In this case I’ll spend my Monday morning commute updating my planner. 

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Catch Up On Reading

I used to be an avid reader and would read multiple books per month.  Now I’d be lucky to get through multiple books per year. There just never seems to be enough time in the day. I made a commitment to myself to find time this year. That time is usually during my commute to and from work, when I don’t have anything pressing to do. Sometimes I just put the work aside and take some time to finish a good book. 


I’ve become obsessed with podcasts this year and listen to my favorites every chance I get. Like The Read, My Taught You and Rants & Randomness. Podcasts tend to be really long. So it may take a round trip commute to get through an entire episode. For that reason I usually only listen to podcasts during my commute if I don’t have anything else to do. Other than that I listen while at work since we are allowed to have headphones in.

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Doing these things help to start my day on a positive note, and boosts my productivity. I may not have had time to get these things done otherwise. These activities also distract me from my long commute and makes the time go by faster. At the end of the day I feel accomplished, like I made the best use of my time. It’s a great feeling.

How do you maximize your public transit commute?

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8 Responses

  1. You are so awesome! Looking like a ray of sunshine in that dress! You are goals! Keep up the great work!

  2. I actually miss my morning time on the train. I drive to work daily and could use that time you mentioned to do any of the things you listed. I’d probably also look for recipes, make my grocery list and draft social media posts.

    1. Oh yes, I forgot that one I definitely make my grocery list as well. I used to do my meal planning too, but fell off!

  3. I keep my kindle or ipad with me so I can update my planner, curate ideas, answer emails, or read. I also always have a notebook or journal to write in.

    1. Great tips! I used to keep my iPad and planner in my bag everyday until I downsized due to back pain. Now I plan out my week in my planner on Sundays, and put everything in iCal. And I only bring my iPad when I absolutely have to. Which is less often since I upgraded my phone to a bigger screen and can now read on it ☺️

  4. You look like a goddess! I just recently cut my hair and you are my goal of beauty! God bless you!

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