Riu Tequila All Inclusive Resort Review

What To Pack For A Tropical All Inclusive Vacation

It's easy to over pack for vacay if you don't plan in advance. I have it down pat though. Here's what I pack for a week long, all inclusive vacation.

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Riu Tequila All Inclusive Resort Review

My favorite type of trip by far is a Tropical All Inclusive Vacation. All you can eat food & drinks. A pool around every corner… and beaches with white sand and turquoise water? I’ll choose it every time. The thing is, it’s very easy to over pack for an all inclusive vacation. I know this well because I used to do it. Now I’m able to live out of a carry on and large duffel for an entire week. It’s definitely doable. I’m going to show you guys what I packed for a week long, all inclusive vacation to Mexico.

What To Pack For Tropical All Inclusive Vacation

The secret to packing for an all inclusive vacation is to plan in advance. I plan out any excursions so that I have the appropriate gear. And I contact the resort in advance to get a schedule of events. I also research the resort to see what type of facilities are located on the grounds. Like a gym for instance.

All Inclusive Vacation Workout Gear

Workout Gear

On my recent trip to Mexico, my resort not only had a gym, but ran outdoor fitness classes by the pool. So I made sure to include my favorite adidas sports bra, lightweight shorts and sneakers in my luggage. Even if your resort doesn’t have a gym or classes, it’s a good idea to pack a few work out pieces as you can take a few laps around the resort to get in a daily workout.

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Leopard One Piece Swimsuit


Speaking of beaches and pools, the majority of my luggage is swimwear. If I’m not going on excursions, I spend a large part of the day lounging near the water in a swimsuit and coverup. I try to stick with coverups that close in some manner so that I’m comfortable when going to the lunch buffet. Although most resorts that I’ve gone to are lenient with the dress policy for lunch. As long as you’re not dripping wet. But there are rules in place for dinner. Absolutely NO swimwear. This should be a given though.

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All-Inclusive Resort Dinner Outfit

Dresses & Jumpsuits

My top outfit choices for an all inclusive vacation are dresses & jumpsuits. They’re easy to put together without having to worry about matching pieces, and they’re versatile. You can wear a maxi dress or jumpsuit for a day trip into town, or for dinner. A slip dress will work well during the day with slides. Or paired with heels for dinner and the club. Your options are endless. Don’t forget to include something white as if your resort is anything like mine, there may be a White Party. You can always reach out to ask in advance so that you’re prepared.

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Riu Tequila All Inclusive Resort Review

Two Piece Sets

If you prefer two piece sets as opposed to dresses and jumpsuits, you can get pre-coordinated sets, or color block crop tops and wide leg pants to create your own

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Vacation Shoes


Aside from sneakers, I take one pair of comfortable heels along with a few pairs of cute slides. With this lineup you’ll be ready for any occasion.

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All Inclusive Vacation Straw Bags


Straw bags are all the rage right now. I’d suggest a larger sized bag to carry everything you need in the daytime like a book or magazine, sunscreen and sunnies, and a smaller crossbody one for night. If you’re not big on straw bags, a transparent or net bag are other super cute options. Don’t forget your waist bag. They come in handy for your wallet and phone when running to breakfast.

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Riu Tequila Review


It’s not vacation if you’re not stuntin’ in a fly pair of sunglasses. I suggest taking at least two pairs for a week long, tropical all inclusive vacation. Take three if you have room, and make sure one is really fun.

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La Quinta Avenida Coconut


Hats add another layer of protection from the burning hot sun, especially when making day trips off the resort. Plus they look so chic. You can’t go wrong with a straw fedora or wide brim hat.

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Vacation Accessories


Your vacation outfit is not complete without accessories. Don’t over do it though. A few cute pairs of earrings and stacked necklaces should be enough. You can’t go wrong with large hoops, or a wicker pair. Try some faces for a unique flare.

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Denim Shorts

If you plan on going on any excursions where a dress or jumpsuit won’t work, like four wheelers or hiking/climbing, then take a pair of denim cutoffs. You can bring a pair of jeans if you prefer but they may be too hot. Don’t forget to bring a few tanks, a bandana and plenty of bug spray.

You’re almost all set for your tropical all inclusive vacation. Just add something to sleep in, your camera, a book, plenty of sunscreen (try this or this), bug spray (I like this one), your toiletries and beauty essentials. If you’re not sure what to bring in your beauty bag, check out this post to see what’s in my travel beauty bag.

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