Great Grams 90th Birthday Brunch At Cheri’s BedStuy

I took my Great Grams to brunch at Cheri's BedStuy to celebrate her 90th birthday, and they sure know how to serve up some soul food.
Cheri's BedStuy Review

It seems like there’s a new black-owned restaurant popping up in Brooklyn everyday, and my greedy self is doing my best to make my way to all of them. Hey, have to support my people. A few weeks ago I took my Great Grams to brunch at Cheri’s BedStuy to celebrate her 90th birthday, and they sure know how to serve up some soul food.

Great Grams 90th Birthday Brunch at Cherie's BedStuy

Before I get to the food, let me introduce y’all to my Great Grams. Ms. Fannie turned 90 last month. Yup NINETY. I pray that I look this good when I’m 90, and that the Lord allows me to get there. Anyway, I’m the oldest of eight Great Grands…

Great Great Grandma and Grandson Cher's BedStuy

and my son has the honor of being the only Great Great Grand. I’m so happy that he gets to experience having a Great Great Grams. I grew up with a host of grand, great, and great-great grandparents, and so has my son. I appreciate this as I know that not everyone is as blessed. My Great Grams is now my last living grandparent though. So I have to treasure her while she’s still here.

Cheri's BedStuy Review

Cheri’s BedStuy is a family-owned business. These sisters personally see to the day-to-day operations. They took great care of us, checking in constantly to see if we needed anything.

Cheri's BedStuy Menu

Now let’s get to the grub. Cheri’s BedStuy serves up traditional Soul Food with a unique flare. There’s something for everyone. I was glad to see plenty of seafood options since I am a Pescatarian.

Cheri's BedStuy Cornbread

We received a starter of cornbread drizzled with honey butter while we waited for our meal. Now it was definitely store bought, but still tasty. I appreciate the fact that they provide a house appetizer. A lot of restaurants these days do not.

Cheri's BedStuy Shrimp and Grits

Both my Great Grams and myself chose the Shrimp & Grits for our entrée. The grits were thick and creamy, and the shrimp were seasoned and cooked perfectly. It was also served with a fresh spring mix salad. We enjoyed everything and left no food behind.

Cheri's BedStuy Cheri's Champion Breakfast

Esean had the Cheri’s Champion Breakfast which consisted of bacon, eggs, homefries, salad, a biscuit and a side of grits. It was a lot of food and he could barely finish, but enjoyed every last drop. I helped him out with the homefries and OMG they were amazing. A mix of white and sweet potatoes, seasoned and seared to perfection. So good!

90th Birthday Brunch Cherie's BedStuy

The sisters of Cherie’s BedStuy surprised Great Grams with bread pudding and sang Happy Birthday to her. She was so happy!

Cherie's BedStuy Bread Pudding

Speaking of the bread pudding, it was delicious, but huge. We were so full that the three of us together couldn’t finish it. Great Grams took it home to enjoy later though.

Great Grams 90th Birthday Cheri's BedStuy

My Great Grams truly enjoyed her 90th Birthday Brunch at Cheri’s BedStuy. She said that the grits were cooked just the way she likes them. We were both shocked that she ate all of her food since it wasn’t her usual mealtime. She’s old school. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. What’s brunch?! lol

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I’ll definitely be going back to visit Cheri’s with my girls, and whenever I’m in the neighborhood. The atmosphere was so inviting and comfortable. I felt like I was at home with family!

Cheri’s BedStuy is located at 216 Malcolm X Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11221

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  1. Amazing!!! So happy you could show her a fabulous time. Lost my mother at 53 and my grandmother too, as an only child, many days I wish I could celebrate their birthdays with them again. Enjoy her while she is still here, which from the looks of everything you are! Many blessing to you and your family!

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