Change Your Eating Habits To Kick Start Your Fitness Journey

You have to change your eating habits, sis. This will be the beginning of not only your fitness journey, but your healthy lifestyle journey.

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It’s the peak of Spring Break season. Summer Vacation Season is right behind it. After being curled up on the couch with snacks all Winter, you’re probably planning to start the latest fad diet and go hard with the workouts. You’ll get your body right and tight so you can look good on the beach. Then you’ll eat like a bird while on vacation. Afraid you’ll look fat in your swimsuits. After stuntin’ for the gram and showing off your beach body, you’ll head back home and back to your old habits. You’re going about it all wrong. To kick start your fitness journey, first you need to change your eating habits. Period. Not for vacation, but as a lifestyle change.

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I’ve come to the realization that you can maintain a healthy weight without working out. Now hear me out for a second before you jump down my throat. Aside from walking a lot as part of my daily routine, and taking the steps when I can at work, I can’t tell you guys the last time that I’ve worked out. What I do know is that it’s been more than six months (that’s about to change though).

Although I don’t work out consistently, I’ve still been able to maintain relatively the same weight for the last two years. I’ve actually been in the same weight range since I had my son almost 17 years ago. I don’t like working out. And I find it hard to carve out the time. So I’ve never been one to consistently work out for longer than a few months. No, I’m not as toned as I’d like to be because of my laziness lack of motivation. But my weight hasn’t been an issue since I changed my eating habits.

I stopped eating pork after I had my son. Then I stopped eating red meat about 12 years ago. Now I’ve been a Pescatarian for almost four years. Meaning I don’t eat land animals, but I do eat seafood. I limit my dairy consumption and I’m also working on going gluten-free due to health concerns. Regardless of your dietary preference or restrictions, it’s easy to change your eating habits to maintain a healthy weight. It’s all about portion control and moderation.

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I eat healthy meals for the most part. But I don’t deprive myself of any foods that may not be as healthy. As long as it’s an occasional delight and not part of my routine meal plan. If it’s not the things that I’m intentionally eliminating from my diet due to preference or health concerns, then I’m eating it. Let’s take carbs for instance. I love carbs, but I know too much is not good for my waistline, or my gut health (ahem gluten). So I limit my intake and try my best to stick with gluten-free carbs. For instance, I’ll mix quinoa with my rice, making sure its brown rice instead of white. I only really eat bread like once a week, and it’s usually gluten free or sprouted, which doesn’t bother my stomach.

I love cookies. But I won’t keep cookies in the house. Instead, I keep ingredients to make them in stock. If I crave cookies, then I have to make them from scratch. Most of the time I’ll be too lazy and opt for a piece of fruit instead. This has made me realize that I probably didn’t want the cookie in the first place, just something sweet. Fruit usually fulfills the craving. If I do decide to make the cookies, at least I know what went into them, and I won’t allow myself to make a batch of cookies again for a while. While we’re on the subject of cooking from scratch, I also do my best to make the majority of my meals at home.

Once you change your eating habits and figure out how to use portion control and moderation to maintain your weight, then you’ll be able to eat what you want. Even on vacation. It’s okay to indulge a bit while on vacation and allow yourself to eat more of the foods that you usually limit, as part of the experience. As long as you get back on track when vacation is over.

When you develop healthy eating habits and learn how to maintain your weight, then you can develop a workout routine to tone your body and stay fit. This will be the beginning of not only your fitness journey, but your healthy lifestyle journey.

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