2019 Word Of The Year

New Years Resolutions are a thing of the past for me. Along with my lifestyle resolutions, I also have a word of the year. My 2019 Word of the Year is...

2019 Word of the Year

New Years Resolutions are a thing of the past for me. I’ve decided to ditch them in exchange for Lifestyle Resolutions. Along with my lifestyle resolutions, I also have a word of the year. A Word of The Year is a mantra or guiding principle to order your steps for the year. A theme to help you to be the best version of yourself. Last year my word was Balance. My 2019 word is Growth.

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It’s not a good feeling when it seems like you’re standing still no matter how hard you work, or how good of a person you try to be. Your peers around you may be advancing in their careers. Flourishing in their businesses. Starting families. Losing weight. While you on the other hand are exactly where you were last year. At the same job (that you may not love). Having a hard time getting your business off the ground. Still single. And unable to get into that LBD dress that you bought two sizes too small.  It would appear that you’ve not grown at all.

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The problem isn’t that you haven’t grown though. It’s that you’re comparing your life and personal growth to others. When everyone has their own journey and timing. If you focus on yourself and look back at the last year you’ll realize your own wins.

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You’d realize that you took on a new project at work and hit it out of the park. You’ve increased your business sales 25%. Although you’re not quite settled down and starting a family, you’ve been going on dates and making strides in the relationship arena. And you’ve lost 10 pounds, but the dress wasn’t cut to accommodate your voluptuous curves to begin with.

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That’s why my 2019 Word of the Year is Growth. I’m not comparing myself to anyone but the old me. I’m minding my business and focusing on my own personal growth. Financial growth & stability. Adding new skill sets. Being more patient. Learning how to stop procrastinating. Achieving my health & wellness goals. Reading the books on my TBR (to be read) list. Working on keeping a positive mindset. All while appreciating the journey.

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What is your 2019 Word of the Year?

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  1. I desperately need hair growth ideas for my ten year old daughter — and hairstyles that don’t require extensions or weave of any kind and that represent her as the 10-year old girl that she is, not as a teen or twenty-something adult, which she is not. Please advise.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year. Is your daughter natural? If so, how about braiding up her natural hair in cute styles and adding beads or hair jewelry. You can also style her hair in two strand twists, bantu knots… there’s many options.

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