Break Your Personal Glass Ceiling With Lifestyle Resolutions

Ditch New Year's Resolutions for Lifestyle Resolutions as a baby step toward breaking your personal glass ceiling.

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How To Break Your Personal Glass Ceiling With Lifestyle Resolutions

Can you guys believe that it’s almost 2019 already? I can’t. This year has gone by so fast. As the year comes to an end it’s time to sit down and do the obligatory New Year’s Resolutions list. You know the list of goals we wish to achieve and unproductive behaviors we plan to change in hopes of becoming a better person. It usually includes the same things every year with a few minor additions. We go astray come Spring. Then quit trying while feeling discouraged and unaccomplished. Yeah that list. I’m not doing that this year. I’m ditching New Year’s Resolutions for Lifestyle Resolutions as a baby step toward breaking my personal glass ceiling.

How To Break Your Personal Glass Ceiling


Last year I had a single New Year’s Resolution – practice better self care. This included working out consistently. I actually followed through until late Spring. I was up every weekday morning at 5 am getting my workout on. Not only did my body look great, but I felt great. Physically and mentally. I had more energy, less brain fog and started off my days in good spirits. Then I fell off for a few weeks, which turned into months. And I could never really get back on schedule. My waistline suffered along with my self esteem and mood because of it.

It was then that I realized that exercising regularly is important for my well being, and not just a temporary goal to get ripped. When I workout I feel better. When I feel better I do better. That’s why I’m making working out consistently one of my lifestyle resolutions.

Break The Glass Ceiling

I’m also including getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night on my lifestyle resolutions list. This was part of my better self care plan and I completely dropped the ball. I still rarely get more than 4 hours of sleep a night and it’s taking a toll. I’m always moody. I’m sometimes so tired that I feel physically ill. I get sick way more often than I should. And I have trouble getting up and doing what I need to do (like workout). I’ve come to realize that sleep deprivation is not only affecting my health, but my overall enjoyment of life.

So I’m working on putting things down (including my phone) and going to bed at a decent hour.  My current goal is 11 pm on weekdays to get up at 5 am and do my workouts. I have a 10:30 pm alarm to warn me that it’s almost bedtime, and my phone goes into downtime mode from 11 pm until 7 am.

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I’m making these lifestyle resolutions in order to live my best life and break my personal glass ceiling. If I want to live my best life and achieve my goals, then I have need to take better care of myself. Right now that means I need to make working out and getting more sleep a priority to help me achieve my bigger goals. So I’m starting here and making a commitment to myself to do better so that I may live better.

What are your lifestyle resolutions?

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