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Do Your Holiday Grocery Shopping Online To Save Time {& Your Sanity}

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I do the majority of my grocery shopping online to save time & my sanity. Especially during the holiday season. Keep reading to see where.

Grocery Shopping Online Prime Now

I’m not fond of shopping in store and do most of my shopping online since I don’t like dealing with crowds nor lines. So it’s more convenient for me to shop online. I can do it from the comfort of my home and it takes me less time. Grocery shopping online also saves me money as I do less impulsive shopping and stick to my list (for the most part). Since I started doing my grocery shopping online about two years ago I barely go to the grocery store anymore. Aside from my Trader Joe’s visits once or twice a month and picking up emergency items. I try to avoid the stores period during the holiday season. Especially the grocery store. I’ve seen people literally get into tugging matches over the last turkey or ham. Arguing over a block of cheese. My patience is low and I go from zero to a hunned real quick. I don’t have time to be arguing and fighting over food. So I simply avoid the grocery store and do the majority of my grocery shopping online. I purchase items that are more difficult to find online early to avoid the holiday crowds. With proper planning though I’m usually able to get mostly everything I need online. Continue reading to see where I do my online grocery shopping.

Grocery Shopping Online Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now is such a blessing when you’ve ran out something and need it right away. The service is complimentary with Prime Membership. 2 hour shipping is free with orders over $35. If your order is less than this amount shipping is $4.99. If you would like one hour windows instead of two, then shipping is $9.99. Deliveries start at 8am and end at 12am. I use the 10pm-12 am window often for late night snacks. Don’t judge me lol. You can order way more than just groceries though. I even ordered a wireless router when mine conked out on a whim. I’ve also ordered shelving racks and bookcases while redecorating. You’ll be amazed at the things you can find.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods delivery service is an extension of Amazon Prime Now. The stipulations are basically the same except items are not guaranteed to be in stock. Instead of the items coming from a warehouse, a personal shopper does the shopping in store for you. Then a driver delivers your order. You can opt to not accept substitutes for out of stock items, or have your shopper contact you via in app messenger to approve possible substitutes. You have access to the entire Whole Foods Store. I’ve recently purchased soap, lotion and even a cast iron skillet. I wish my beloved Trader Joe’s would provide this service!


I’ve been using Instacart for quite some time. It’s where I used to shop Whole Foods before the service was available through Amazon. The stipulations are pretty much the same as far as time slots and personal shoppers are concerned. These days I use Instacart to shop my local Key Food, and Costco since you don’t need a membership to shop. Items are sometimes upcharged. But I consider it the opportunity cost of not having to pay a membership fee and car fare there and back. This is important to me as I don’t have a car and Costco is not close to my home. BJ’s access is available as well. The minimum order amount for Instacart is $35 and a small service fee is added to your order, along with a $7.99 delivery fee. I believe the service fee is a percentage which is usually less than $10 for me. You are able to add more items to your cart up until your shopper starts shopping. I love this feature as I sometimes often forget things. Use my link to sign up for Instacart here and receive $10 off your first order with code EM132162. I’ll receive a $10 grocery credit as well.


I don’t use FreshDirect very often to do my online grocery shopping. However I do use it occasionally to order items that’s not usually available through Amazon Prime Now and Instacart, or FreshDirect branded items. It’s not my favorite service as same day delivery is not available and the minimum order amount is pretty high at $50. The next delivery slot is often two days away which is fine if you don’t need the items immediately. Like if you’re doing your Thanksgiving shopping early (hint hint).  The delivery fee is pretty steep at $9.99 when I’m not getting my groceries right away. That’s another turn off for me. Anyway, you can use my link to sign up for Fresh Direct here and receive $25 off your first order, no code necessary. I’ll receive a $25 grocery credit as well.

These are pretty much all of the places where I do my grocery shopping online. Between the three I can pretty much get all of my groceries and household goods. But I still suck it up and brave Trader Joe’s as they hold a special place in my heart. And tummy!

Do you do any grocery shopping online? What has been your experience?


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