How I’m Giving Back This Holiday Season & How You Can Give Back Too

We must think about the less fortunate this holiday season and give back to our communities however we can. Here's how I'm giving back & how you can too.

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I remember as I child I would be so excited for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving & Christmas. Yes I was happy about all of the food I would eat and gifts that I would receive. But time spent with family was more important to me. Grandma’s cooking would bring all of the family together and we would eat, listen to music, laugh and catch up on old times. At Christmas we would exchange meaningful gifts and they didn’t have to cost a lot. My how things have changed. The holiday season has become so commercialized. People can barely get through Thanksgiving dinner without cutting it short to catch the early Black Friday sales. With plans of finding the best deals on the most expensive Christmas gifts, along with extravagant goodies for themselves. ‘Tis the season of giving. But how are we giving back?

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While we anticipate the holiday season we must not forget to think about those that are less fortunate. Those that may not have family to spend the holidays with. Or to exchange gifts with. Those that may not be able to afford to buy gifts for others as they are unable to afford necessities for themselves. Like a coat to keep warm during the cold season. We must share our blessings and give back to our communities however we can. We must also teach our children the importance of giving without expecting anything in return. Aside from good karma.

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With the holiday season comes the cold weather. Winter is brutal in NYC. When I go into the closet to get a coat I have choices. My son does as well. We have an entire closet full of coats when some people don’t have a single coat to wear. This thought bothers me. So as soon as the temperature drops I sit down with my son to go through our coat closet. We take out a few to donate. I make sure that they’re clean and in good condition and I make an appointment for a local church to come pick them up. I also send any cold weather clothing that we no longer wear in hopes that these items will go to someone who needs them. This is how I give back during the season of giving and it’s a simple way for you to give back as well.

How To Give Back This Holiday Season

This is a great way to give back during the holiday season. You’ll be giving a gift that’s meaningful and useful without having to spend a dime. And you’ll feel great knowing that you’ve helped someone in need. I know I do.

How are you planning to give back this holiday season?

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