Friendsgiving Karaoke

My Friendsgiving Karaoke was legit lit. Here's a recap of the night's fun along with a discussion on why time with friends is important.

Friendsgiving Karaoke Girls Night In

I usually host Girls Night In at my place at least once per season. It’s a time to catch up, eat good food, sip on some wine and chit chat. A kiki. Due to an extremely busy schedule I hadn’t had my usual girls nights at all this year. So I was excited to host Friendsgiving Karaoke at my place this past weekend. Friendsgiving is  a Thanksgiving themed meal for your close friends, usually held the weekend before Thanksgiving. It can be a spread of traditional holiday food or an array of everyone’s favorite dishes. For my Friendsgiving I cook a a few dishes and a dessert, and have all attendees bring a dish and a bottle of wine. This was my second time doing Friendsgiving and I decided to switch it up and make it fun with a karaoke theme.

Friendsgiving Karaoke Girls Night In

Here’s my girls waiting patiently to start eating while I snap a photo. I was so upset that I forgot to get a photo of all of us together. We were having so much fun that it slipped my mind. That’s not a bad thing though. Sometimes we just need to put the phones and cameras down and enjoy the moment. Spending time with friends is extremely important to me. It’s a physical reminder that I actually have friends since we don’t get to see or talk to each other very often as we all have a lot going on in our lives. So having girls night gives us a chance to catch up face to face. I especially love girls night in as it’s a comfortable setting where we can be ourselves and discuss things that we may not want to discuss in public. This time together also allows us to destress and forget about our worries, and have a genuine moment of happiness. When I’m with my girls I don’t have a care in the world.

Friendsgiving Spread

My dining area is not very large to set up a table for all of us to sit. So I used my pub table as a dessert table, and pulled my fold up table out of the closet to set up the Friendsgiving dinner spread. I made things look a little fancy with a shimmering silver tablecloth, and real dinnerware added an air of elegance. But it was a very casual evening. We ate curled up around the living room table while chit chatting.

Friendsgiving Spread

Our Friendsgiving spread consisted of Escovitch Fish, Pumpkin Rice, Coconut Chickpea Curry, Plantains, a Broccoli, Green Bean & Chard Medley and Potato Salad.

Friendsgiving Escovitch Fish

I made the Escovitch Fish with an assortment of Porgies and Whiting fish. This dish is pretty much fried fish topped with sautéed pickled vegetables. You can see my recipe here. I also made the fried Sweet Plantains and a cake that we’ll get to later.

What To Serve At Friendsgiving

I was starving so I loaded my plate to capacity, and ate every last drop.

Friendsgiving Karaoke Tzumi PopSolo Karaoke Mics


My Friendsgiving Karaoke Night was legit lit with mics and a lyrics screen. These karaoke mics are so much fun to use. It has bluetooth capability, the volume is adjustable and there is an echo button to make you really feel like you’re on stage. You can even attach your phone to see lyrics if they’re not available on screen. I picked up these mics here for half price last Black Friday. You may be able to luck out as well. So be on the lookout. Don’t forget to sign up for ebates here before you shop to get 10% cash back.

Friendsgiving Karaoke YouTube

My Apple TV made it easy to find the karaoke version of our favorite songs on YouTube via Siri and the search function. We just told her what to look for and she found it. The karaoke catalogue was amazing and I was surprised at some of the songs we were able to find from all different genres and eras. We had so much fun and I plan to make this a regular girls night activity.

Friendsgiving Dessert Spread

After dinner and a round of karaoke, we had a pre-dessert of assorted fruits topped with CocoWhip and wine. We did a few more rounds of karaoke before we were ready for cake.

Friendsgiving Devils Food Coconut Cake

I made a Devils Food Coconut Cake using box cake mix. One day I’ll try to make a cake from scratch, but I did however make the frosting. It was so simple using just confectioners sugar, butter, almond milk and vanilla.

Devils Food Coconut Cake

I finished off the cake with a layer of flaked coconut. It was divine!

Friendsgiving Karaoke Girls Night

Overall our Friendsgiving Karaoke was a success. Great company, good food and lots of fun. I want to make the event an annual tradition with a different theme every year. I’m already planning next years.

Have you ever attended or hosted a Friendsgiving?

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