DIY Brazilian Sugaring + How To Maintain Your Vajayjay After

Remove the hair from your lady bits in the comfort of your own home with an all natural Brazilian Sugaring treatment.

DIY Brazilian Sugaring Moom Sugar Wax

Were going to be talking about pubes in case you’re a prude and get offended easily. So nows your chance to click away if discussing pubic hair is too much for you. Moving on, I made it very clear in my epilator brazilian post that I don’t like hair unless it’s on my head. And I don’t like too much there either. I especially don’t care for pubic hair. Though I have to admit that I’ve been letting it go untamed for longer than usual. Well not quite. I’ve been taking it all off once per season and cutting it low with clippers in between. With the exception of prep for Summer funtivities. Sometimes I’m just too busy lazy. But in reality I don’t look forward to the removal process. It hurts like hell whether I go to a professional or do it myself. Even after years. Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t. They’re lying.

DIY Brazilian Sugaring Moom Sugar Wax

But you know what they say… pain is pleasure. And I find pleasure in having a smooth cooch. So I take the pain like a G as the results are worth it. I’ve moved on to new methods though. The epilator was efficient it just takes too long. Ain’t nobody got time to be plucking coochie hairs for an hour. I know I don’t. So I’ve moved on to Brazilian Sugaring. Sugaring or sugar waxing is the process of removing hair with an all natural sugar mixture. This sugar wax can be made at home with common kitchen items such as sugar, honey and lemons but I opt for a store bought version. The Moom Organic Hair Remover is 100% natural and contains only sugar, water, lemon juice, chamomile and tea tree oil.

Moom Sugar Wax Review

Brazilian Sugaring Process

A wax heater is not necessary. You simply warm the sugar wax in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time until you reach the desired temperature. Don’t let it get too hot as you’ll burn yourself. Plus the wax strips won’t stick well. Yes’ you’ll need fabric strips to remove the hair. The sugar mixture works similar to conventional wax in this sense. I buy the Moom Hair Removal Kit ($16) which comes with 18 washable, reusable strips and 4 wooden applicators. The strips can also be cut down to size.

To remove the hair from my vajayjay, first I make sure I’m in a comfortable position. Which is usually sitting on the closed toilet on top of a towel. Sweat will make the process harder so I sprinkle a little cornstarch around my lady bits to keep the area dry. I remove the hair from small sections at a time starting at the bikini line. Blowing first to make sure it’s cool, I use a wooden spatula to spread a thin layer of sugar wax against the hair growth on the area to be waxed. You don’t want to apply too much as it will make it hard for the fabric strip to adhere. Next I place the fabric strip over the thin layer of wax, press it down gently and pat, hold the skin taut, then snatch it off in the direction of hair growth.

Yes it hurts as much as it sounds like it does. But after a few strips you don’t feel it as much. If the wax isn’t warm enough or you apply too much then you won’t get a smooth pull, and you’ll have to go over the area again. This is not fun as things can get pretty sticky. My hair is very coarse so I always end up having to repeat areas.

I don’t usually leave a landing strip when waxing but I do now when waxing myself. I learned the hard way how difficult it it is to wax the labia yourself after experiencing a minor labia tear. It was difficult for me to hold the skin taut enough as I was beginning to sweat. When I pulled the strip off…ouch. This actually didn’t hurt as much as it sounds. The tear I got during child birth was much worse lol. It was just a small split in an unexposed area. I kept it clean and applied antibacterial ointment with a cotton swab daily. It healed in a week. But I’m scared straight and too afraid to try and wax that area again. Not a practice I wish to try and perfect. I just go to a professional when I’m aiming for a clean slate. Overall I love the results I get at home though. I’m nice and smooth for at least 3 weeks before the hair starts to resurface.

The Honey Pot Sensitive Feminine Wash Review

Speaking of a clean slate, it’s super important to maintain good vaginal hygiene. Especially after doing a brazilian sugaring as you’re more susceptible to germs and imbalance. Now the sugar mixture rinses right off with warm water. I actually don’t use anything else right after the process as the area is sensitive. But I use a gentle feminine wash daily to keep my nether region fresh. The vagina is self cleansing but can use a little extra help to keep the pH balanced and germs away. I’ve been really aware of what I put in and on my body lately, and do my best to use natural products. So I recently dumped my Summer’s Eve and Vagisil feminine washes for The Honey Pot Sensitive Wash. It’s a 99% natural plant based wash that banishes odor and balances pH with natural plant essences, and boosts moisture to combat dryness. It contains colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar, lavender water, coconut oil and grapefruit seed extract. No parabens or sulfates. The wash is made for women by women, and it’s a black owned company. I’ve been using The Honey Pot Sensitive Wash for just a short time but I have no complaints. It cleanses well without irritating and I’ve noticed that I don’t have the feeling that it’s not completely rinsed away like I do with the chemical laden washes. So far so good. It’s only 10 bucks but you can get it for $6 here.

The Honey Pot Sensitive Feminine Wash

Last but not least, let’s talk about those pesky ingrown hairs. Since my hair is so coarse I always get them. Right on the bikini line and only on one side which is so weird. To avoid them you must exfoliate like hell. Daily. You can use a loofah but I find these Asian Washcloths to be most effective. Let’s not forget that we are dealing with our sensitive lady bits though. So be gentle (says the woman whose encouraging you to snatch your hairs out lol). Ingrowns can be stubborn but Tend Skin is a no fail solution. Dries them right out and gets rid of them quick. See my review here.

That’s all I got for y’all. Proceed on this DIY Brazilian Sugaring journey with caution and let me know how it turns out if you try it. I plan to try a Vaginal Steaming soon. So stay tuned.

Have you ever had a Brazilian Sugaring?

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13 Responses

  1. I’ve never tried Brazilian Sugaring. I go to European Wax Center every 3 to 4 weeks for a brazilian wax. I always want to punch the esthetician. No matter what I do to prep myself it hurts. I’ll have to try that Honey Pot wash.

    1. You’re like the 100th person that mentioned to me that they go to European Wax Center regularly lol. I’m going to have to try them. Maybe next month since I’m planning to get my occasional professional wax for the holidays. I love the Honey Pot wash!

  2. Finding your posts about Vajayjay hair removal very helpful! I have tried using sugaring for a DIY Brazilian but had the same issues as you with minor tears at the Labia and ultimately I wasn’t able to hold all the skin taut enough to wax the area. Like you, I like to be hair free down there but I’m really at a loss for what method to use on those difficult areas. Professional wax is not an option for me. What method would you recommend for a completely hair free vajayjay? I’ve yet to try epilating so am open to that and anything else you recommend. Thanks!

    1. I’ve tried epilating. You can see that post here. It’s a tedious task though, but works. Shaving works as well. Some people recommend hair removal creams. I haven’t tried that method myself as of yet, but will soon. Hope that helps!

  3. Gyno here. Such a sensitive area…why not just embrace our pubes the way Momma Nature intended…and not worry about ingrown hairs and pain and pulling and washes…yikes

    1. Some people prefer not to leave things au naturale. I’m one of those people. I feel more fresh & clean the less hair I have, and I sweat less. These days I’ve just been trimming the hedges down low instead of taking it all off though.

  4. Hi thanks for the article. Question for you please, to get rid of the ingrown hair, do I have to combine the exfoliation with asian washcloths and the product you mention or either one of them is good. Thanks

    1. You’re welcome. Both together should be fine. I use a hand held plastic hard brush along with the tend skin

  5. Thank you, I tried shaving hate it,,, lol. I will try these products… hoping it help. I will try anything,,, for the hair to be gone …

  6. Not an expert, but with sugaring I was always told to apply the wax against the growth and pull the strip off in the direction of growth contrary to traditional waxing. This is supposed to make it a little less painful! If you try it again, maybe try that way and hopefully it won’t be as painful! Thanks for this!

    1. I have to actually correct this as this is true, and this is how I do it. But it still hurts. My hair is coarse so any form of waxing is painful. You’re welcome!

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