3 Back To School Hacks For Moms To Stay Healthy & Active While Maximizing Leisure Time

Leisure time is an important part of self care. Try these back to school hacks to help you stay healthy & active while making the most of your free time.

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Back To School Hacks For Mom to Stay Healthy

As a mom, it’s extremely necessary to take time for self care. If you’re not at your best you won’t be able to properly care for your family. Back to school can be hectic after the relaxed Summer break. Between preparing meals, checking homework, and extracurricular activities, it can be hard to find time for yourself and your needs. Especially time to eat healthy & be active when it’s easier to grab takeout and curl up on the couch to relax. Here are my back to school hacks for staying healthy & active while maximizing your leisure time.

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Prepare Meals In Advance

Meal prep saves a lot of time during the week. It also saves a lot of money, and you’ll eat healthier since you know exactly what goes into your food. I usually prepare 2-3 full meals on Sunday to provide dinner and work lunches for most of the week. This keeps me from ordering food out when I have a really busy evening and no time to cook dinner, and allows me more time to spend at the table eating dinner with my son. Sometimes I even have time to catch up on a favorite show after dinner. Prepping meals in advance also prevents me from buying expensive lunch at work. I prepare breakfast in advance a few days out of the week as well in the form of overnight crock pot oatmeal, and I have a programmable coffee maker to free up even more time. It’s nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee as motivation to get out of the bed in the morning.

Morning Workouts

Speaking of getting out of bed, I get up an hour earlier than necessary to get in a morning workout. During the week I do a series of Yoga, Dance Workouts and HIIT Training, all in the comfort of my living room. Morning workouts not only gets the adrenaline going and boosts energy, but you won’t have to worry about working out after a long, busy day. Use the extra free time to take a hot bath and read a book.

Get Your Steps In

Getting extra steps in during the day is not as hard as you think. Walking and taking the steps whenever possible is a great way to get in some physical activity without even trying. At work I take the steps instead of the elevator. When traveling to and from work, I’ll sometimes walk the extra distance to the next train stop. You can also park a bit further than usual from work and walk the distance. An afternoon stroll during your lunch break is another great way to get in some extra steps. I like to take a walk to my favorite shop and browse the clearance rack. On the weekend, put on a comfortable outfit and walk to take care of all of your errands instead of driving or using transit.

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These back to school hacks help me to stay active and healthy while being able to spend quality time with my son. It also allows me leisure time for myself, which is an important part of self care. You can easily practice these back to school hacks all year round. So there’s no need to fall off routine during the Summer break.

I hope you found these back to school hacks useful. Sending you well wishes for a healthy, happy and productive school year!

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