36th Birthday Vibes At MangoSeed & Cafe Rue Dix

I recently celebrated my 36th birthday and the vibe was totally different this year. I kept it chill at two local black owned spots- MangoSeed & Cafe Ru Dix

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I celebrated my 36th birthday last weekend and the vibe was totally different this year. Usually I make birthday plans months in advance at super fancy restaurants. I buy new clothes and invite all of my “friends”. Well this year I took a more laid back approach. I really wasn’t going to do anything at all. But last minute I invited a few of my closest girls to celebrate with me at a local black owned restaurant the night before.

36th Birthday Dinner at MangoSeed Brooklyn

The destination was MangoSeed in Brooklyn for dinner and drinks. I’d been wanting to check out this spot ever since I visited ZuriLee as both restaurants are owned by the same brothers. It did not disappoint. The Rum Punch was the perfect balance of sweet and strong. And there was a happy hour from 7-9pm on a Saturday night which is rare in Brooklyn. Best of all, the food was amazing.

MangoSeed Salmon Pasta

I ate the Jerk Salmon Pasta. The salmon was seasoned and cooked to perfection. The pasta was al dente just the way I like, and it wasn’t drowning in sauce.

MangoSeed Jerk Fish Tacos

We ordered two servings of the Jerk Tacos and they were the bomb. Truly the best part of the meal. The fish was nicely seasoned and the guac and pickled beets complemented it well.

MangoSeed Chicken Pasta

MangoSeed Fish & Chips

MangoSeed Side Dishes

My girls ordered the Chicken Pasta, Fish & Chips and a trio of sides, and all enjoyed their food.

Glammzmore Birthday Dinner at MangoSeed

My circle is very small. Although a few are missing, these are my girls. I can always count on them to be there. I was indecisive and waited until the last minute. But when I called they came out. I love my girls.

36th Birthday Outfit Black Slip Dress

36th Birthday Outfit Little Black Slip Dress



Glammzmore 36th Birthday

I relaxed all day on my actual birthday. Then my son treated me to dinner. We went to a local spot that I reviewed back when it first opened, Cafe Rue Dix. This is also a black owned restaurant.

Glammzmore 36th Birthday Dinner Cafe Rue Dix

I’ve eaten brunch there and ordered takeout, but had never sat down for dinner. I tried the Branzino and it was sooooo good. A whole grilled fish topped with onion confit and served with rice and sweet plantains. My son had the Rue Dix Burger with sweet potato fries and enjoyed his meal as well.

Birthday Dinner Cafe Rue Dix Branzino

My son always puts a big smile on my face. I’m so grateful for him. He also got me a huge bouquet of flowers and some banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery. He was under the weather and preferred not to take too many photos.

Birthday Dinner Cafe Rue Dix

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my 36th birthday. I think I prefer laid back & chill over the glitz & glam these days. I guess I’m officially getting old.

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