Fabulously Colorful Fun At The Museum Of Ice Cream Pint Shop NYC

Ice Cream & Instagram Lovers rejoice. The Pint Shop NYC is fabulously colorful with LOTS of photo ops. Oh, they sell pints of ice cream too.

MOIC Pint Shop NYC

I was hype when I heard that the Museum of Ice Cream was coming back to NYC this Summer. This time around with a Pint Shop Pop Up. So I grabbed my son and my cousin Mo with camera in tow and headed to The Pint Shop NYC to see what all the fuss was about. Oh and take pictures of course. Lots of pictures. We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes so we started the photo shoot outside. We look like we’re about to roll up on somebody lol

Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop NYC Review

The Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop NYC is extremely colorful. All of the beautiful bright colors will boost your mood immediately. I wasn’t feeling well on this day, and I swear I walked in and instantly felt better.

Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop NYC Nana Banana

There’s also lots of places to take photos. Pretty much everything is a photo op. Behind these giant pints of ice cream are props like this swing…

MOIC Pint Shop NYC Swing

Pint Shop NYC Swing

Then there’s the aisles. Each of the seven available flavors of ice cream has a color coded aisle with shoppable merchandise.

Museum of Ice Cream Pintt Shop NYC Churro Churro



MOIC Pint Shop NYC Churro

But the aisles are also the perfect back drop for a photo shoot. I got a little carried away and almost couldn’t get back up. My knees lol.

Posing in the Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop NYC

The merchandise is pretty good too, although a bit expensive. There were these coated pretzels…

Pint Shop NYC Pretzels

Sprinkle Crowns…

Pint Shop NYC Sprinkles

Stuffed Animals…

Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop NYC Revoew Nana Banana

MOIC Pint Shop NYC Banana

Stuffed fruit. Water bottles. Tumblers…

MOIC Pint Shop NYC Cherrylicious

Notepads. Cookbooks. And so much more. Including ice cream of course.

MOIC Pint Shop Merchandise

Each pint of ice cream is $4.99 and there are 7 flavors to choose from- Vanillionaire, Cherrylicious, Churro Curro, Chocolate Crush, Pinata, Sprinkle Pool and Nana Banana.

MOIC Pint Shop Churro

I had a hard time choosing between Churro Churro and Nana Banana

MOIC Pint Shop Shopping

But in the end I chose Nana Banana. Banana Ice Cream with swirls of salted caramel and almond butter. It was delicious but a bit light with the mix ins. Definitely worth the price though, and the experience was priceless. My son chose Sprinkle Pool and enjoyed his as well.

Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop NYC Review

The Pint Shop NYC is located at 459 W. 14th Street. It will be open through August. You can also shop the ice cream along with the Art Class x Museum of Ice Cream Children’s Apparel Collection at Target.

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