Fabulous Finger Coils Tutorial Featuring Fantasia Haircare

Need some weekend hair inspiration? Check out my fabulous Finger Coils Tutorial featuring some products from Fantasia Haircare.
Fab Finger Coils Tutorial With Fantasia Haircare

Happy Humpday y’all. The weekend is so close that I can smell it. Need some weekend hair inspiration? How about some fabulous Finger Coils. This tutorial features some products from one of my favorite hair brands, Fantasia Haircare. Change up the look with a Finger Coil Out when it starts getting old. If you’re wondering about my makeup, you can find deets on this look here.

Check out my fabulous Finger Coils Tutorial

Products Used

Curly & Coily Co-Wash

Coconut Oil Mist

Leave In Hair & Scalp Treatment

Coconut Curling Creme

Coconut Styling Gel

This is a Sponsored Video for Fantasia Haircare. However, all opinions are my own. See my Disclosure page for additional information.

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