How To Be A Boss Chick Without Burning Yourself Out

Being a Boss Chick is hard work, and it's super easy to overwork yourself. Here are some tips to help you avoid burnout while being bossy.

How To Be A Boss Chick Without Burning Yourself Out

Being a Boss Chick is hard work. And it’s super easy to overwork yourself. Ever heard the expression “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Well if you don’t slow down that time can come sooner than it should. Am I being a little extreme? Maybe. But it’s true. Not getting enough rest can not only have you feeling moody and stressed out. But can also lead to a weakened immune system, poor heart health and other health issues. So Practice Better Self Care, and know that it’s okay to take a break when you feel burnout coming on.

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Don’t think of taking a break or slowing down as being lazy. Balance is key in all that we do in life. Especially when you’re a Boss Chick. Find a Work-Life Balance that allows you to complete your days tasks and still have time for yourself. All work and no play ain’t no fun at all!

Boss Chick Breakfast In Bed

I find that getting my work done is easier when it doesn’t feel like work. So I try to make my work fun by including things that I really enjoy, like breakfast in bed. When I have to get up early on a Saturday morning to complete a project, I’ll make myself a delicious breakfast to enjoy while I work. The idea of a delicious breakfast motivates me to get up early. I know that sounds greedy lol. But this type of Positive Reinforcement works for me.

I'm Not Bossy. I'm The Boss Mug

Reprogram your mind with Positive Affirmations when you start to feel guilty about taking time for yourself. And trust me you will. As a Boss Chick, you just can’t help it. Write your affirmations down to revisit when you need a reminder, and speak them out loud for encouragement. Here are a few examples:

Self Care is my number one priority.

I have been working hard and deserve a break.

I will enjoy the fruits of my labor.

These are the things that I do as a fellow Boss Chick to avoid burning myself out. I will admit that sometimes it’s hard not to overwork myself, but I’m getting better at it everyday. I hope that my tips will help you to avoid burnout too.

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  1. First of all, come through oiled up legs!! LOL, and i love this. I’m learning how to balance self-care while taking care of my girls and the house.. And I’ve mastered the art of saying “no”.. lol

    1. Lol, thanks hun. I’m still trying to master the art of saying no for some peace of mind. It’s getting easier over time!

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