What Your Business Card Says About You

Erica Moore @Glammzmore Business Card

One of the first things you should do when you start a business is create a business card. A business card lets people know that you mean business. That you take your business seriously, and that you are professional. But you can’t just create any old business card. Your business card is a direct reflection of you and your brand. You want your card to be memorable. To stand out in a bunch. Here’s some tips for creating an effective business card that will leave a lasting impression.

Include Your Logo Or Photo

Always include your logo as your logo identifies your brand. If your logo is very simple or you are your brand, opt for a photo instead. The Glamorous Gleam logo is very simple and I prefer it that way, as I am my brand. I’m not promoting any particular product, but a lifestyle. My lifestyle. So when I created my new business cards I decided to use my photo. I actually used multiple photos and made sure that they were fierce, and made me memorable. When you look at my card it’s impossible to forget who I am. That’s one of the simplest forms of brand identity.

Keep It Simple

I’ve seen some very creative business cards. Even some extremely over the top. When you start doing too much it takes away from your brand identity. Remember, the purpose of your business card is to make you/your business memorable and and let others know how to contact you. You don’t want to include too much unnecessary information or graphics. Save the antics and creativity for your website.

The Glamorous Gleam Business Card

Don’t Forget Your Contact Information

Speaking of websites, be sure to include all relevant contact and web presence information. Don’t forget your name. Your real name, as in government name. It may sound like a silly reminder, but in the age of Instagram some people may forget.

Include your web address and contact information. As a content creator, I prefer to just include an email address and no phone number. I conduct business primarily via email unless a phone call is necessary. However, my phone number is included on my Artistry cards. I am considering taking it off though when I create my new Artistry business card as I prefer to conduct business via email in general.

Don’t forget your social media handles. Since my handle is the same across social media, I simply included @glammzmore. If you type my social handle into Google, all of my social media accounts come up, along with my website.

Where To Order?

MOO was recently having a sale, so I decided to use them to create my new business card since I heard good things. I absolutely love the way my cards came out, and won’t hesitate to use them in the future. If you use my MOO Referral Link to order your business cards you will receive 20% off your first order (I will be compensated with a $15 gift card).

In the past I’ve used Vistaprint and have always been satisfied. You can use my Vistaprint Referral Link for 30% off your first order and free delivery (I will receive $10 off).

Now go ahead and create your badass business card and stand out like the BOSS that you are!

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