5 Ways To Practice Better Self Care In 2018

I've realized that if I want to achieve my goals and live my best life, then I have to take better care of myself. Here's how I plan to practice better Self Care in 2018. 

Self Care Positive Affirmations

Happy New Year y’all. I’m super excited for a fresh start. I spent the last week of 2017 reflecting, refocusing and recharging. Now I’m ready to take on the new year. I have no resolutions though. I’m doing things a bit different this year. Instead of making long lists of goals and overwhelming myself, I’m tackling one major goal instead. Better self care. Taking better care of myself will in turn help me to achieve the rest of my goals.

2017 was a productive year for me as far as business goals are concerned. However, mentally I was a disaster. I spent the better part of the year depressed. And at times I didn’t even know why. When I wasn’t feeling depressed, I suffered a great deal of anxiety. After some pondering, I’ve realized that I wasn’t taking very good care of myself. At all.

Although I eat a healthy diet for the most part, I did not work out consistently. I was constantly tired and moody since I rarely slept more than four hours a night. Then I binge slept on the weekends when I should have been getting my work done. As a result I found myself constantly behind and crossing things out of my planner. Or pushing it to the next week. Then the next month, and so on.

I’ve realized that I need to make practicing better self care my top priority. And not temporarily, it must be a lifestyle change. If I want to achieve my goals and live my best life, then I have to take better care of myself. It’s as simple as that.

How To Practice Better Self Care

5 Ways I Plan To Practice Better Self Care in 2018

Practice Positive Affirmations to promote inner peace, foster a spirit of gratitude and ward off negative energy. I’ll be using The 5 Minute Journal and this Optimism Crystal Set that I received as a new year gift from Becca Cosmetics to help kickstart my journey.

Get at least 6 hours of sleep every night. Hopefully I can increase this number over time. My body is so used to not getting sleep that when I sleep longer than four hours it’s usually restless.

Work out consistently and include Yoga in my routine. I’m going to give myself until the Spring to get on a consistent schedule at home. If I’m still having trouble I’ll join the gym.

Set realistic goals for the week and don’t overwhelm myself. And more importantly, stop procrastinating and get shit done. I’ve been using a Passion Planner for the past few years and it’s amazing.

Take a break to recharge and refocus when necessary. I used to feel guilty about taking breaks. But now I realize how important and beneficial taking a break is for me.

How are you doing Self Care in 2018?


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  1. Great post! I’ve definitely been in the same boat and self-care is now my main priority. I’m good at taking care of everyone and everything, except myself.

    Time to change that narrative—a toast to 2018 and self-care 🙂

    Happy new year, Doll!

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