Get It Right, Get It Tight With The BodyBoss Method

Usually, I barely work out at all as I can't seem to find the time. Not anymore though. I'm getting it right and getting it tight with the BodyBoss Method!

This post was sponsored on behalf BodyBoss. However, all opinions are my own.

The BodyBoss Method

This is a sponsored post for BodyBoss. However, all opinions are my own.

Usually, I barely work out at all. As a single mom with a full time job, along with running this blog, AND doing hair & makeup… I feel like I don’t have the time. I don’t even bother signing up for gym memberships anymore. Since I have to travel to get there, I end up not going. I do my best to work out at home. But finding an appropriate routine for my fitness goals can be confusing. Not anymore though. I’m able to easily get my workout on after work, right in the comfort of my living room with the BodyBoss Ultimate Body 12-Week Fitness Guide.

BodyBoss Ultimate Body 12-Week Fitness Guide

The BodyBoss Method is a unique blend of exercises, combined into 24 minute training circuits. The workouts accelerate fat loss, improves fitness and rapidly tones the body. The biggest benefit of the BodyBoss Method is the #BossEffect. After completing a BodyBoss workout, the body completes a range of functions to recover from the intense exercise. This creates an afterburn effect and you’ll continue to burn 100 calories or more, burning fat even while you sleep!

BodyBoss Workout Sumo Squats

Bodyweight Resistance Exercises like squats and leg lifts help strengthen the body, improve balance and flexibility. My favorite exercise is squats. Although painful, squats works your booty, quads, abductors, calves, hip flexors and abs. All of my target areas.

BodyBoss Workout Leg Lifts

Unilateral Exercises like lunges and planks work one side of the body at a time, improving balance and evening out strength inconsistencies. While Cardio helps the body recover and keep the heart pumping between other more intense exercises. Cardio workouts including brisk walking, jogging and cycling are all included in the BodyBoss fitness program. Plyometric Exercises (Jump Training) like butt kicks build strength, speed and coordination. Your muscles are required to rapidly stretch and contract when jumping and landing. These continual bursts of maximum force help the body to build power.

BodyBoss Workout Butt Kicks

I can make sure I’m maintaining proper form, and doing the exercises correctly with the interactive online edition of the fitness guide. Recently I’ve noticed that they’ve included demo videos in the online version, that features trainers. So now I can watch the demo and follow along with the workouts for Week 1 of the guide. It’s only available for Week 1 at the moment, but I can’t wait to see this feature in the rest of the guide soon. The only equipment needed aside from a yoga mat is dumb bells (filled water bottles or cans could work as replacements), and a sturdy chair. Oh, and water of course to keep hydrated, and a towel to absorb the sweat. Trust me, I sweat a lot. Music keeps me motivated and makes the workouts fun.

BodyBoss Ultimate Body 12-Week Fitness Guide electronic version

I’ve only been working out with the fitness guide for a few weeks. But I already feel my body getting stronger, and it’s looking more toned. My thigh muscles are more defined, and my booty is looking nice. I can’t wait to see more definition in my abs. Throughout the program, exercises increase in intensity and complexity. So I’m excited to see my results as the program progresses. And when complete. I highly suggest the BodyBoss Ultimate Body 12-Week Fitness Guide. All it takes is 24 active minutes, 3 times a week to get it right, get it tight in the comfort of your home. No gym membership required!


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