Reflections On Turning 35

35 is not a typical milestone birthday. However, it's one that can make you panic a bit. Turning 35 sent me into straight panic mode. Here's why...

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I’m 35, alive and still fine y’all lol. My birthday was this past Saturday and it was amazing. I’ll tell you guys all about it in another post. But in the meantime, let me just take a minute to reflect on turning 35. I can only describe it as being bittersweet. 35 is not a typical milestone birthday. However, it’s one that can make you panic a bit. I know I did. For a few reasons.

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I felt like I was getting old. Technically I’m now closer to 40 than I am to 30. Leaving my youth behind and approaching middle age. Or advanced maternal age. This actually doesn’t bother me in the slightest bit. I already have my son and honestly prefer not to have any more children. As far as leaving my youth behind is concerned, you are as young as you feel. I feel just fine for the most part. Not looking my age sure is a plus #blackdontcrack. I also enjoyed my “youth.” It was fun and I appreciate all of my experiences and lessons learned, and look forward to those to come.

Don't Panic About Turning 35

I thought I’d be married by 35. I’m still not married. But I’m also not 100% sure if that’s something I want for myself anymore. So I’m good on that front. At least for now. If I change my mind there’s still time. You’re never too old for love. I’m not saying that I don’t want companionship at all. A sister is just focused on herself and her goals for now, if you know what I mean.

Reflections On Turning 35

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I’m not exactly where I want to be financially. But I’m actively working on it. I work extremely hard everyday toward my goal of being my own boss. However, I have some debt that I need to finish paying off. That’s the biggest thing holding me back from this goal. After backsliding a bit this year, I’m going hard to eliminate that debt. So my #1 goal is financial freedom right now.

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When I sat back and took a look at the reasons why turning 35 made me panic, I realized that I was just fine. I may not be exactly where I want to be. But I know exactly what I want, and have goals along with plans. I’m healthy & happy. Blessed with a handsome son who’s growing into an awesome young man (he took these photos by the way). I have supportive family and friends. Life is lit AF. So I look forward to this next chapter.

I’m going to continue to live everyday as if it’s my last.


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  1. Happy Birthday again. Financial Freedom is the best accomplishment I have achieved so far at 38. being an avid travel and LOVING to eat out i know i wanted to take control and become debt free. so I’m proud of you for taking that step. What helped me a lot was Dave Ramsey 7 baby steps.

    1. Thank you so much. I love to travel and eat out as well. I can’t wait until I can do so without financial restraint. Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into! xo

  2. Happy birthday Beauty. Mat you become more youthful combined with wisdom & loads of opportunity to enjoy your life & be thankful.

    I’m 40 and still youthful as a butterfly (mentally) ?

  3. Wishing you a wonderful year of 35! You are so humble, honest, and beautiful inside and out. I really admire your transparency. This transparency will continue to open doors in all areas of your life – financially, companionship, passion projects and more. All the best XO

  4. Yeasss looking fine as wine.. Happy Belated Birthday. This was a great post it discussed and shared how most of us later 30 year old women feel. With losing a son I always desired to have more children but 40 is around the corner and no husband nor baby is anywhere in sight. I’ve wastrd a lot of time and energy waiting for those things to come wel these past few months have been challenging and I’ve realized that might not be what God has planned for me so the best I can do is work on me live life and be happy!! Much love ❤️

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Society puts a lot of pressure on us as woman. We are expected to get married and have children, and therefore make these things top priority as life goals. But we forget to focus on ourselves and our happiness, and sometimes we just don’t know what it is that we really want. I say all that to say, Life is too short Queen. Live, laugh, love and simply do you! xo

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