Curlfest 2017

Curlfest was lit AF this year. Maybe too lit lol. It was crowded. It was hot as hell. But it was still a whole lot of fun. Check out my pics and recap!

Naturalistas Curlfest 2017

Curlfest is a Natural Beauty Festival, and was held this past Saturday at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  It was lit af this year. Maybe a little too lit lol. I don’t do well with huge crowds. So I went late in hopes that the crowd would lighten a bit. Nope. No luck. I arrived at 5pm and the crowd was still super thick. I managed to work my way through though to get some pics. Yes it was crowded. It was hot as hell. But it was still a whole lot of fun!

Curlfest 2017

I visited some of the booths to see what special activities were going on. And to see what goodies they had for sale…

Curlfest 2017 Tropic Isle Booth

I attended the Tropic Isle Living Original Influencer Dinner the night before, so I knew they had the works planned. The theme was bringing the islands to Curlfest with fresh coconuts & sugarcane. Of course I missed it all, including the goodies for sale 🙁

Curlfest 2017 Tropic Isle

Tropic Isle is celebrating 25 years and has released an entire line up of new hair and body products. I received a few things in my bag from the dinner. I’ll share deets soon.

Curlfest 2017 Alikay Naturals

Alikay Naturals showcased some of their most popular products. I love the Lemongress Leave In & Creme Brulee. The combo creates an amazing Twist Out.

Curlfest 2017 Curls

Curlfest 2017 Curls Booth

Curls had sold out of everything. But it was great to see my boo @bbeauty87 representing for the brand.

Curlfest 2017

I also ran into my boo @tobnatural

Curlfest 2017 Sheamoisture

SheaMoisture had a braid bar going on. The line was EXTREMELY long. The ladies were doing their thang though!

Curlfest 2017

I also ran into cuties @curlsfothegirls and @modelesquenic. I hung out with them the night before at the dinner and they are just too adorable!

Curlfest 2017 Riva Precil

Singer Riva Precil was in the building. Well on the lawn rather. And she looked gorgeous in her kaftan & headwrap.

Curlfest 2017 Midget Giraffe

Midget Giraffe

Clothing brand Midget Giraffe was in the house with some amazing pieces.

Curlfest 2017 Nyakio

Newbie skincare brand Nyakio was present with some of their line up. The Sweet Almond Cleansing Balm & Kenyan Coffee Face Polish are both amazing!

Curlfest 2017

My girls and I made a little picnic of the event and did some catching up.

We brought the kiddies to hang out as well. Here’s my son (didn’t he get big?!) and my little cousin Jo.

Curly Crew at Curlfest 2017

@afginc Caught this amazing shot of my girls and myself. We are actually all cousins except for one. But we love her like an honorary cousin so I’ll say we are all family. Don’t mind my resting b*tch face lol.

Curlfest 2017 Outfit




We had a ball and I can’t wait to do it again next year. I’ll be sure to come earlier so I won’t miss all of my Instagram Curlfriends again.

Did you go to Curlfest?

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  1. You looked fab! That Gucci bag is everything. I have a similar one that I need to work back into regular rotation. I see a lot of products I’d like to try.

    1. Thank you so much. This bag is old lol. I bring it out every few years, but it’s on it’s last leg. I’m thinking of adding patches for a refresh!

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