10th Zetaversary Celebration At Catch NYC

Our 10th Zetaversary was a few weeks ago. So some of my line sisters and myself celebrated with a night out at Catch NYC for some dinner and dranks!

10th Zetaversary Dinner at Catch NYC

Our 10th Zetaversary (Zeta Anniversary) was a few weeks ago. So some of my line sisters and myself celebrated with a night out at Catch NYC for some dinner and dranks. Catch is a NYC hot spot that specializes in seafood served communal style. Located in the Meatpacking District, the restaurant features three levels and a heated rooftop overlooking the city. We were lucky enough to get a table on the top level, right next to the rooftop seating.

10th Zetaversary Dinner at Catch NYC

The restaurant gives a feeling of home with the worn in tables and chairs. Yet the atmosphere still has a classy vibe.

Catch NYC Review

The menu has a great variety of options from sushi, to lobster rolls and whole fish. As well as a nice selection of drinks.

Catch NYC Trap Queen

I decided on the Trap Queen. It was extremely strong, yet sweet and delicious. A one and done type of drink.

Catch NYC Pineapple Trainwreck

My line sister Toya had the Pineapple Trainwreck and enjoyed it so much that she ordered another one.

Catch NYC Savannah Sipper

Nikki went with a non-alcolic beverage- the Savannah Sipper, and she didn’t have any complaints. Now onto the food…

Catch NYC Pretzel Rolls

These amazing Pretzel Rolls with Honey Mustard Butter (doesn’t that sound divine?!) was served pre-appetizer. They were so good that we ordered another round, and even got a round to take home. I’m going to need a copycat recipe so I can make these at home.

Catch NYC Catch Roll

My line sister Nikki and I both opted for the Catch Roll as an appetizer. This is the restaurant’s signature sushi roll and it features Crab, Salmon and Miso-Honey. The server torches the roll tableside. It was absolutely delicious.

Catch NYC Grilled Octopus

For my main dish I had the Grilled Octopus with crispy potatoes, sofrito and garlic aioli. It was very good, but a little on the small side.

Catch NYC Sautéed Snapper

Nikki had the Sauteed Local Snapper with Lobster Mash, truffle and lemon brown butter. She enjoyed her dish as well, but also felt it was on the small side.

Catch NYC Lobster Rolls

Catch Lobster Roll

Catch NYC Lobster Mac n Cheese

Lynn and Toya had the Lobster Rolls and Lobster Mac n’ Cheese, and really enjoyed both dishes.

Catch NYC Steamed Mussels

Toya also ordered the Steamed Mussels and said they were delicious.

Catch NYC Hit Me Chocolate Cake


I just had to try the “HIT ME” Chocolate Cake dessert which features a liquid Klondike bar on top of a layer each of devil’s food cake, roasted white chocolate ice cream and a brownie. The dessert is called Hit Me because the server pours molten chocolate over the klondike bar to melt the ice cream, and when you hit it with your spoon, liquid ice cream oozes out. It was good and did not disappoint. Extremely rich and chocolatey. But not too sweet.

10th Zetaversary at Catch NYC

Overall we had a great time at Catch NYC. Our hostess was amazing and made sure that we were well taken care of all night. She even took a bunch of photos for us and gave us a few shots on the house. My only complaint is that the dishes are supposedly sized to share, but they were pretty small. Even for one person eating a serving as an entree. I will add that I have a big appetite though. So if you don’t eat very much you should be fine. To be on the safe side, go with the Big Fish and Big Meat options if you plan to share. I’ll definitely be going back to Catch when it gets warmer to enjoy some food and drinks, and the beautiful roof top. I just know better now not to go starving!

Catch NYC is located at 21 Ninth Ave (@13th St.), New York, NY 10014

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