Keep Your Tapered Cut Fly & Fab with a Fresh Trim for the New Year

Tapered Cut Fresh Trim

It’s important to trim your hair regularly, even more so when you have a tapered cut since your hair can quickly grow out of the shape. Stop holding on to split ends as they lead to thinning and damage. Bring in the new year with a fresh trim. Here’s some tips for trimming your own natural hair at home…

Tapered Cut Fresh Trim

Blow Out Your Hair

I highly suggest blowing out your hair to get a better view of the split ends. Especially if you have 4c hair. You’ll also get a more precise shape. I blow out my hair using the Rusk Speed Freak Blow Dryer with a Willie Morrow Nozzle Comb. Make sure to apply a generous amount of heat protector to protect your curls. I use ORS Black Olive Oil Repair 7 Leave-in Conditioner followed by the Oil Elixir. You want your hair to be able to revert back to your natural curl pattern.

Use Clippers & Scissors

For my 4c hair, I find that I get a better shape trimming with clippers. Especially when tapering. I use my Andis T-Outliner to achieve the shape I want. Then I go in with the scissors to trim stray hairs and enhance the shape. I also use the scissors when I need to take off a little more hair at once. Be sure to use hair cutting scissors or you’ll only cause more split ends.

Take Your Time

This is probably the most important tip of all. It’s super easy to take off too much or “zeek” your hair when rushing. Take your time and trim in sections. Then go back and even everything out.

Tapered Cut Fresh Trim

This is what my tapered fro looked like after my fresh trim, but before the final step. It’s hard to get all of the stray ends and a even shape when trimming 4c hair without completely straightening. To solve this issue I two strand twist my hair after the initial trim. Then I get the last of the stray ends by trimming my hair while in twists. I can more easily see any straggly left over ends and cut them. I can also make sure that everything is even. Oh, and I also get a bomb a$$ Twist Out.

Give yourself the gift of a Fresh Trim for the New Year!


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