Unapologetically Me

Don't let this blogging game change who you are. Be yourself because can't nobody do it like you. As for myself, I'll continue to be unapologetically me.

unapologetically me

It can be so easy to lose yourself in the blogosphere. Comparing yourself to other bloggers who may appear to be more successful, and trying to be like them. Do what they’re doing in hopes that it will work for you too. Wear the clothes they wear. Style your hair like theirs. That’s when you run into problems. What sets you apart is your uniqueness. Even when in the same niche, no one can do exactly what you do like you. That’s why I strive to continue to be myself. Unapologetically me.

unapologetically me

I’m going to wear clothes that fit my  personal style. Not because they are trending or because what’s her name wore it. But because I loved the pieces enough to add them to my wardrobe. And I have no problem repeating pieces and entire outfits. I spend my hard earned money on these clothes (most of them), so I intend to get my money’s worth. I love to wear all black and do so several times a week. Who cares if the blogosphere feels like black is boring, and bright colors are trending? Not me, I’m going to wear what I like. Unapologetically me.

unapologetically black




Black Swing Dress Outfit

I’m loving showing off my legs lately with mini swing dresses. And over the knee boots of course. I don’t care if people are tired of seeing the same look. Worry about what you’re wearing everyday. Unapologetically me.

Forever 21 Over the Knee Boots

When I don’t feel like combing my hair, I like to wear headwraps. I sometimes even wear them when my hair is perfectly fine. I don’t care if people thinks it looks unkempt. Mind your own head. Unapologetically me.

Swing Dress OTK Boots Outfit

Don’t let this blogging game change who you are. The things you like. What you believe in. What you stand for. Don’t do it for the ‘gram. Do it because you want to. Wear that outfit because you love it. It’s okay to be inspired but remain original. Be true to yourself. In everything that you do. And this is not just for fellow bloggers, but for all of my readers. Be yourself because can’t nobody do it like you. As for myself, I’ll continue to be unapologetically me.

Swing Dress OTK Boots Outfit

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

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  1. Love your blog! Reading this reminds of Black Mirror -Nosedive. People actually are doing way too much, it’s refreshing to follow someone that isn’t lost. How are some of these people happy if they’re always “ON”.

  2. You are saying so much in this post. The popular blogs bore me to tears. Same bags, same outfits with zero personal styling or professional tailoring (personal pet peeve of mine), all pushing the same products. I had a blog years ago but gave it up when life got crazy & blogging became an over saturated, cookie cutter factory. I’ve never been a go along with the crowd type so no sense in trying to be like everyone now. I really enjoy your blog, keep doing you!

    1. Thank you so much. I don’t know why people want to look the same as everyone else. I thought the goal was to be unique!

  3. I absolutely love ❤ your style & your blog…This article hits home on so many levels for me…I’m a firm believer in “Doing Me” & not trying to fit in with everyone else…Keep doing your thing & what makes you happy being Unapologetically You…

  4. I like that “Unapologetically Me” — This would be a great tee-shirt! I’ll definitely purchase one or two!

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