5 Simple Yet Cute Ways To Style Marley Twists

It's super easy to style Marley Twists. Here's 5 simple yet cute ways I've been styling mine. Oh, and these styles will work for box braids as well.

It’s been almost three weeks now since I installed my Marley Twists and I’m still in love. I’ve been having so much fun coming up with ways to style them. So I wanted to share a few of my styles with you guys. Here’s 5 simple yet cute ways to style Marley Twists.

style marley twists over the shoulder

Over the Shoulder

Let your Marley Twists hang loose and toss them over one shoulder. There’s just something so sexy about hair tossed over one shoulder. Especially in the Summer months when you can flash a little skin.

style marley twists sides pulled back

Sides Pulled Back

I love to leave my Marley Twists out. However, I don’t like them hanging in my face. It’s too hot for all of that. To keep my twists out of my face I simply take a few twists from each side, pull them toward the back, and tie them together. Easy peasy.

style marley twists side ponytail

The Side Ponytail

This is my go to style when I want to look youthful yet grown at the same damn time. Make sure your face is beat to the gawds though. Or else you may get mistaken for a teenager lol. As if I don’t already get carded enough #blackdontcrack

style marley twists doughnut bun

The Almighty Doughnut Bun

You can never fail with a doughnut bun. Whether braids or twists, it doesn’t matter. The doughnut bun will work with all makeup looks. Will look good whether you’re dressed up or casually. It’s my default style when I’m in a crunch since I know it won’t do me wrong.

style marley twists goddess bun

The Goddess Bun

I took the liberty of naming this style The Goddess Bun because I feel like a goddess when I wear it. It’s simply a doughnut bun with the front left out. Then you split the front in two. Cross each side over each other, and tuck them around the doughnut bun. This is currently my favorite style.

So as you can see, it’s super easy to style Marley Twists. These styles work interchangeably for box braids as well. On that note, check out my post 5 Ways To Style Your Box Braids for more inspiration on how to style Marley Twists.

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