3 Products to Keep Your Hair & Scalp Healthy While Protective Styling

These tried and true products will help to keep your hair flourishing and scalp healthy while protective styling.

Marley Twists Protective Style

Protective styling can sometimes cause more harm than good for your hair. It can become dry, matted and break off without proper care. That’s why it’s important to take care of your hair underneath the protective style. Also, keeping your scalp clean and moisturized is a must. Here’s three products to help keep your hair and scalp healthy while rocking that cute protective style.

Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Clarifying Scalp Treatment

Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Clarifying Scalp Treatment

Cool and refresh your scalp when it feels flaky and itchy with this soothing treatment. Made with Mimosa Flower and a blend of Orange and Mint oils, it purifies and exfoliates the scalp and hair, without leaving behind residue. It’s been two weeks since I installed my Marley Twists, and my scalp was beginning to feel a bit unclean and itchy. I didn’t feel like washing my hair so I used this treatment to cleanse my scalp. Let me tell you, my head felt 100% better. It soothed my scalp and left it feeling clean and moisturized.

Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Calming Tension Spray

Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Calming Tension Spray

This moisturizing, calming spray nourishes both the scalp and hair, and instantly relieves any itchiness or tension. Made with Mimosa Flower, Peppermint and Orange Oils, it soothes as it strengthens hair to prevent breakage. I use this protective styling product as a follow up to the scalp treatment. The combination combats any itchiness and irritation. When I retouch my edges I also spray a little to relieve the tension.

Girl + Hair Restoring Balm

Girl + Hair Restoring Balm

A botanical oil blend that fortifies and protects dry and damaged hair strands under protective styles. It’s formulated with a blend of castor, shea, abyssinian, and olive oil that protects and softens the natural hair cuticles while supporting hair growth. I use this 1-2x per week to moisturize my hair and scalp when it’s feeling really dry. It leaves my hair and scalp feeling great. The balm is really rich, so on a daily basis I use my African Royale BRX Braid Spray.

These products are great for keeping your hair and scalp healthy during protective styling. However, if you plan to keep your protective style in for more than a month, I highly suggest adding a wash routine. See my post on How To Maintain Your Box Braids While Keeping Your Own Hair Healthy for tips on how to wash your hair while protective styling.

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