Why Every Little Brown Girl Should Have A Malaville Doll

Dolls with multiple shades of beautiful brown skin and different textures of gorgeous kinky curly hair? Yes please to Malaville Dolls!

Malaville Dolls

Dolls with multiple shades of beautiful brown skin and different textures of gorgeous kinky curly hair? Yes please. As a doll collector, model Mala Bryan created Malaville Dolls to fill the void that was missing in her personal doll collection- dolls that actually look like her, and a lot of the rest of us brown skinned beauties. When creating the dolls, Mala made sure to choose fibers that included both kinky and looser curls to depict the diversity of our natural hair.

Mala Bryan Malaville Dolls

The Malaville debut collection features four dolls, The Malanites who are citizens of Malaville. Each doll is a different shade of brown and has a different texture of kinky curly hair, and each also has a glamorous job and uber fashionable outfit.

Malaville Dolls Mala

Mala, The Fashion Designer


Malaville Dolls Maisha

Maisha, The Fashion Stylist


Malaville Dolls Mhina

Mhina, The Party Planner


Malaville Dolls Malina

Malina, The Fashion Model

Malaville Dollsphotos credit: Malaville Toys Instagram @malavilledolls

It’s no secret that the selection of dolls on the market from the major brands that is supposed to represent the beauty of us brown girls, from skin tone to hair texture, falls short. Aside from the occasional limited edition doll or celebrity honor, I don’t see many (if you know of any feel free to leave them in the comments.) Our little brown girls need to have dolls that look like them, to let them know that their black is beautiful and help them to embrace their skin tone, natural hair and beauty. I am happy to see a collection of dolls that address this need and can’t wait to see more from Malaville. I’ll be picking up a doll for my niece and god-daughter, and maybe even one for myself.

Learn more about the Malaville Dolls and shop the collection at Malaville Toys $20

16 Responses

  1. These dolls are gorgeous! Thank you for this post, I wouldn’t have known about these beauties otherwise. I so love your blog—I read it everyday, it’s in my top 5!

  2. I’m definitely going to get one for my daughter.. they are too cute I almost don’t want to let her play with it.. lol

  3. I walked into a store in nigeria recently (live here) and noticed they stocked black dolls with kinky hair and our traditional wears for different tribes. It might seem insignificant to an outsider but I was impressed that someone has taken it upon themselves to make dolls that represent us to our children so we aren’t stuck with buying them only Caucasian type dolls.

  4. I wonder if you can comb these dolls hair. My daughter would love one but she loves styling her dolls hair.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. It likes you can because in some pics the doll’s hair is out and looks more curly, in others it’s in a ponytail and looks like the hair has been combed.

  5. These dolls are cute…but it would nice to see dolls with fuller lips,wider, broader noses, realistic body features…ect.The TOTAL BEAUTY PACKAGE OF US BROWN GIRLS!

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