Luminess Air Review + My Thoughts on Airbrush Makeup

Can you believe that I've never tried airbrush makeup? Well until now. I took the Luminess Air Airbrush System for a spin. Check out my review

It may come as a surprise to you guys, but I’ve never tried airbrush makeup. I’ve never had a client ask for it and didn’t think I needed it for myself. Still I’ve always been curious about it. Luminess Air sent me over their Airbrush System Starter Kit in Deep for review and I was really excited to finally try airbrushing.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Review

The starter kit came with the airbrush system, four shades of Ultra airbrush foundation, airbrush primer, airbrush blush, airbrush glow, a water bottle and a DVD Tutorial. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to operate the disc in my DVD player so I had to just wing it.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Review

The airbrush system is simple to use, just plug it in and turn it on. There are no speed settings, you control how much makeup comes out with the nozzle on the stylus. Luminess Air does however have a Pro-System that has multi-speed settings available.

Luminess Air Deep Starter Kit

Luminess Air Deep Starter Kit

The blush has a bunch of glitter in it, and the glow looks very white when swatched.

Luminess Air Deep Starter Kit

The foundations looked like at least one would be a perfect match in the bottle, but unfortunately that was not the case…

Luminess Air Deep Foundation Swatches

Shade 8, Shade 9, Shade 10, Shade 12

All of the shades dried down to be extremely cool-toned. I mean unrealistically cool-toned. I’ve never seen anyone with dark skin and these undertones. I still wanted to try the system, so I got a little creative and made my own foundation by mixing the Moist Primer and Brightening Glow with my Cover FX Custom Cover Drops and a few drops of water. It took some trial and error and a few batches to finish my entire face, but I found that the airbrush system was easy to use… even without prior instruction. Here’s the results (taken with my iPhone front cam)…

Luminess Air Review Dark Skin

I did my highlighting and contouring with my Anastasia Contour Cream Kit in Deep, and I used a powder blush as I wasn’t feeling the airbrush blush that was included. Overall I loved the results and my skin looked flawless. The foundation felt very light on the skin, and it stayed put all day. I didn’t have to touch up or blot my face at all. I prefer the results that I got using airbrush foundation over using a foundation brush as it was very light in comparison, and it didn’t require any blending. I also prefer the results of airbrushing over using my BeautyBlender, however I feel like the BeautyBlender gives similar results. It justs takes a little more work and blending. I plan to practice airbrushing more so that I can start providing the service for my clients if requested, I just have to find a suitable foundation match.

The Luminess Air Airbrush Systems range in price from $160 to $300, and are available at Luminess Air. Get 15% off your purchase with code 540518873.

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