Mom & Son Date At The AMNH + The Importance of Dating Your Kids

Dating your kids & spending quality time is important. I've been taking my son on regular dates since he was little. This time we went to the AMNH.

The Importance of Dating Your Kids | Mom & Son Date at the AMONH

Ever since my son was little, I’ve been taking him on regular dates. Dating your kids is extremely important. Spending quality one-on-one time with your kids to just hang out. Have fun. Talk, and keep abreast of what’s going on in their lives. As a single mom with a full time job in addition to this blog, and freelancing as a Makeup Artist & Hairstylist, sometimes it’s hard to balance everything. However, my son is my top priority so I make sure that I spend time with him not only at home but with regularly scheduled outside activities or “dates.” I’m going to start sharing more of our dates here as inspiration for those of you who may have children in the same age range and need date ideas. For reference, my son Esean is thirteen and he loves museums, Broadway shows and art festivals. This past weekend we went to the American Museum of Natural History.

American Mouseum of Natural History Entrance

The AMNH was one of my favorite museums as I child and is still my favorite today. I hadn’t been since high school when I had to go for a school project, so this was my first time taking Esean. He’s been multiple times on school trips but there’s nothing like going with mommy.

American Mouseum of Natural History Lobby Dinosaur

I had been promising him for a while so this time I put it in my planner to make it an official date. I highly suggest planning out dates with your children in advance and putting it in your calendar so that you’ll stick to them. This helps me a lot with balancing my schedule.

American Mouseum of Natural History Blue Whale

Blue Whale Skeleton

American Mouseum of Natural History Easter Island Head

Easter Island Head


Dating Your Kids


We spent about three hours at the museum and had so much fun. We didn’t get to see all of the exhibits, but I plan to take him back next month to visit the Hayden Planetarium since it was closed for renovation, and we will see the rest then. After the museum we headed to Chipotle to grab some dinner.

The Importance of Dating Your Kids

I love my dates with my son. It’s tradition for us, and something I plan to continue doing until he doesn’t want to hang with his dear old mommy anymore. Which may be in just a few years. Teenagers lol. Dating your kids doesn’t have to be expensive either. Museums usually have a suggested donation so you can give what you have. When it’s warm out, I pack up a picnic and we head to the park or the beach. My son loves trying different foods so I always have a list of restaurants for us to try. Sometimes we will just take a walk to his favorite doughnut spot. See a movie.

During the holiday season, we usually take a trip to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. And get hot chocolate from Starbucks to enjoy while we take in the 5th Avenue window displays. I find that children are satisfied with just spending that QT time with you so think outside of the box to keep it budget friendly.

What are your thoughts on dating your children?


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  1. That’s awesome,educational and fun!
    Jr and I have a “date” weekly and he usually chooses what we do. I always try to slip in some cultural or educational event along side his movie choices and or sporting event. I value this time with my son because he is growing up so fast, this gives us a chance to bond and build memories together. These times also serve as teaching opportunities; I reevaluate manners and posture lol! I like that he still likes to talk to me and feels safe having a healthy dialogue. .?????? getting sappy and sentimental

    1. Awww that’s so sweet. I can totally relate. My son told me last night “mom I could stay up and talk to you all night if I wasn’t so tired.” I think I shed a tear lol?

  2. I have Mom Dates with my Twin boys, too. Sometimes we do them together and others I just take one out at a time. Twin life is stressful, lol so separation is good. My boys are Tweens and like their Tween time with friends, but they still schedule me in. 🙂 We do things like museums, bowling, shopping and their favorite thing, eating!

  3. You just reminded me to ‘date’ my 13 year old daughter more often… there are so many things going on in the week that it seems like there isn’t any time, but I have to MAKE time (like really – is it more important to mop the dang floor, clean the bathroom and vacuum than go to a movie??)

    1. I can totally relate. I never feel like I have enough time for anything. Probably why I only sleep 3-4 hours every night during the week. Bad I know, I’m working on it 🙁

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